SaladSalad varieties to grow from seed include lettuce, basil, beetroot, mixed salad leaf, celery, celtuce, coriander, corn salad, cucumber, endive, cress, pak choi, radish, rocket, watercress and many more.


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  • Lettuce Matador 30 split pills

    A triple red Lollo Rossa variety, ideal for growing both outdoor or under glass [...]

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  • Sorrel Sheeps 500 seeds

    Rumex acetosella
    The leaves of Sheep's Sorrel are used raw or cooked and have a [...]

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  • Bergamot Wild 200 seeds

    Perennial Culinary herb
    Monarda fistulosa - Wild Bergamot, Horsemint, Wildbergamot [...]

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  • Cucamelon Melothria Scabra 20 seeds

    Large vines producing hundreds of attractive, small and tasty oblong green fruits, that look like [...]

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  • Onion Kosma 1 gram

    A white bulbing variety producing high yields of medium globe shaped bulbs with a sweet flavour. [...]

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  • Lettuce Red Salad Bowl VEG128 Green Salad Bowl VEG662 1 pkt each

    Av 425 seeds of each variety Baby Leaf
    1 pkt of each Red Salad Bowl & Green Salad Bowl looseleaf [...]

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  • Beetroot Cheltenham Green Top 200 seeds

    Heirloom variety producing long tapered sweet rich red fleshy roots with broad shoulders. Green [...]

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  • Spicy Greens Mixture 1g

    Sometimes called Mesculin or Spring mix. A combination of baby leaf for salad or stir fry use. [...]

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