Root VegetablesRoot vegetables to grow from seed include beetroot, carrots, parsnip, radish, salsify, scorzonera and swede.

Root Vegetables

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  • Beetroot Detroit 2 Crimson Globe 5 gram

    Very good selection of Detroit beetroot, one of the most popular varieties; heavy yields of globe [...]

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  • Carrot Solar Yellow 2g pkt

    A maincrop variety producing medium length, completely yellow roots. A sweet juicy carrot with very [...]

    Price £1.60

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  • Carrot Pusa Asita 150 seeds

    A new open pollinated variety so rich in Anthocyanins it is almost black, packed with nutrients it [...]

    Price £1.55

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  • Radish Long White Icicle 500 seeds

    Pure white roots with excellent crisp flesh

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  • Beetroot Pablo 150 seeds

    Excellent variety for Baby veg
    High quality F1 beetroots with smooth skin, good deep red [...]

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  • Carrot Nelson 250 seeds

    Early Nantes Hybrid. A favourite for early sowing and harvest during warm and hot weather, when [...]

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  • Radish Amethyst 250 seeds

    Striking purple skinned variety with crisp white flesh, good shape and strong tops, slow to go [...]

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  • Carrot Bambino 500 seeds

    baby veg
    Early, Second early and maincrop carrot. A baby carrot variety producing slender, [...]

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