Root VegetablesRoot vegetables to grow from seed include beetroot, carrots, parsnip, radish, salsify, scorzonera and swede.

Root Vegetables

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  • Parsnip Palace 1 gram

    An outstanding hybrid variety. Produces high yields of smooth, uniform, very white roots. Shallow [...]

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  • Turnip Snowball 1700 Seeds

    Early maturing sweet flavoured tender variety with skin and flesh both golden yellow. Can also be [...]

    Price £1.25

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  • Carrot Mignon 500 seeds

    Early sowing baby veg variety ideal for cold frame or cloches, sow for successional harvests in [...]

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  • Carrot Parmex 1000 seeds

    Baby veg & mini vegetable, small, tender and full of taste. Uniform and early to mature. Use for [...]

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  • Beetroot Chioggia

    Beetroot Chioggia an Italian traditional globe shaped beetroot with dark green leaves and deep red [...]

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  • Burdock Takinogawa Asian vegetable 30 seeds

    Arctium lappa Greater Burdock, Love Leaves, Wu Shih, Asian vegetable seeds
    Japanese root [...]

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  • Turnip Purple Top Milan 2000 seeds

    A purple top variety with white base below soil level. Very popular for fresh sales, good quality [...]

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  • Beetroot Detroit 2 Bolivar 5 gram

    Voted No1 tasting by Gardeners World taste testers.
    Good quality, smooth skinned globe beet with [...]

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