HERBSCulinary herb seeds, pot herbs, dye plants, medicinal, ornamental, herb garden, companion planting, Chinese, ethnobotanical, magical and witchcraft. Large range from Agrimony, Basil, Chives, Mugwort, Nettle to Yarrow herb seeds. The early cottage gardeners used herbs for medicinal purposes and companion planting, but now they are are mostly used in cooking, where a well stocked herb garden is invaluable for a constant supply of fresh herbs for the culinary delights of today. Sow herb seeds for companion plants use Dill to lure away pests, celery keeps whitefly away from cauliflowers, Sage protects carrots and cabbages, Nettles improve the flavour and protect plants from aphids, mildew and black fly also Basil, Tansy, Savoury, Borage, Thyme, Parsley, Marigolds, Mint are all good companion plants.


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  • Ice Plant 200 seeds

    A succulent culinary herb, used as ornamental in some areas. Add texture to the salad bowl with these succulent edible leaves. Small white flowers [...]

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  • Coriander Cruiser 150 seeds

    UK bred variety ideal for pots, herb garden and containers. Plants are compact with large, shiny green leaves and good basal branching habit. [...]

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  • Stridolo or Sculpit  750 seeds

    An Italian heirloom speciality leaf. This leafy green herb is a quick growing annual, making thin lance shaped leaves, with a rather delicate [...]

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  • Nasturtium Blue Pepe  20 seeds

    Specifically selected for babyleaf. Small dark blue green leaves with a peppery flavour, ideal for salads. Bright red edible flowers. Tropaeolum [...]

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