HERBSCulinary herb seeds, pot herbs, dye plants, medicinal, ornamental, herb garden, companion planting, Chinese, ethnobotanical, magical and witchcraft. Large range from Agrimony, Basil, Chives, Mugwort, Nettle to Yarrow herb seeds. The early cottage gardeners used herbs for medicinal purposes and companion planting, but now they are are mostly used in cooking, where a well stocked herb garden is invaluable for a constant supply of fresh herbs for the culinary delights of today. Sow herb seeds for companion plants use Dill to lure away pests, celery keeps whitefly away from cauliflowers, Sage protects carrots and cabbages, Nettles improve the flavour and protect plants from aphids, mildew and black fly also Basil, Tansy, Savoury, Borage, Thyme, Parsley, Marigolds, Mint are all good companion plants.


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  • Basil Red Rubin 300 seeds

    H H annual Culinary herb
    Basil Red Rubin has very ornamental deep purple bronze leaves of outstanding taste and aroma.

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  • Sweet Violet viola odorata 100 seeds

    Viola odorata - Native European
    Hgt 5 - 10cm Flowers February to May
    Fragrant flowers a favourite in cottage gardens. Habitat [...]

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  • Myrtle Myrtus communis 50 seeds

    HH Perennial
    Herb Myrtle fruit is used raw or cooked, used fresh when ripe or dried then as an aromatic flavouring. The leaves are used in cooked [...]

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