HERB SEEDSCulinary herb seeds, pot herbs, dye plants, medicinal, ornamental, herb garden, Chinese, ethnobotanical, magical, witchcraft and companion planting. Large range from Agrimony, Basil, Chives, Mugwort, Nettle to Yarrow. The early cottage gardeners used herbs for medicinal purposes and companion planting, but now they are are mostly used in cooking, where a well stocked herb garden is invaluable for a constant supply of fresh herbs for the culinary delights of today. Sow herb seeds for companion plants use Dill to lure away pests, celery keeps whitefly away from cauliflowers, Sage protects carrots and cabbages, Nettles improve the flavour and protect plants from aphids, mildew and black fly also Basil, Tansy, Savoury, Borage, Thyme, Parsley, Marigolds, Mint are all good companion plants.

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  • Tea Tree 200 seeds

    Evergreen shrub
    Melaleuca alternifolia - Medicinal Tea Tree
    Having no culinary properties, medicinal provides an essential oil , a herb that [...]

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  • Garlic Chives 100 seeds

    Chinese Medicinal Herb, Perennial, Culinary herb. They have a mild garlic flavour, excellent for Micro Greens & Baby Leaf Herbs. Chop leaves finely [...]

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  • Sea Holly Eryngium martinum 15 seeds

    Eryngium martinum
    Hgt 40cm Flowers June to September
    Wildflower modern day herb. Spiny leaved clump forming evergreen perennial [...]

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  • Corn salad Verte de Cambrai 1000 seeds

    Also known lambs lettuce, field salad or mache. Very slow growing the leaves are used raw in salads and can be cropped all year from successional [...]

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  • Monkshood 50 seeds

    Habitat shady stream banks, woodland and dappled shade. Extremely poisonous. A medicinal herb and should only be used under the guidance of the [...]

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  • Nettle Common Urtica dioica

    Urtica dioica - Common Nettle, Stinging Nettle, Native British Seed
    Hgt 50-150cm Flowers June to September
    A very under rated and [...]

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  • Thyme Magic Carpet Lemon 100 seeds

    thymus praecox arcticus
    Sow spring to late summer and in early Autumn
    This thyme is incredible for two reasons: It is the lowest growing [...]

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  • Yarrow 1 gram av 4,000 seeds

    Achillea millefolium - Woundwort, Thousand seal, Milfoil, Rojmari
    Hgt 10 - 100cm Flowers June to November
    Erect flowering stems [...]

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New Products For November

  • Perilla Shiso Green 200 seeds

    Deep green leaves with good aroma, Japanese herb or salad leaf, use in salad packs, seafood dishes or as a stir fry vegetable. Hardy Annual, Perilla [...]

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  • Perilla Shiso Red 400 seeds

    Deep purple-red feathery leaves a traditional Japanese herb or salad leaf, used in Asian dishes, salads and pickling. Hardy Annual, Perilla [...]

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  • Dog Violet Common Viola riviniana 120 seeds

    Viola riviniana Common Dog Violet
    Hgt 5- 40 cm Flowers April to September
    Flowers are blue-violet with a whitish spur. The common [...]

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  • Cowslip primula veris 100 seeds

    True Cowslip. Tubular yellow flowers are borne in clusters on short stem. British Native Wildflower. Culinary herb used in Spanish and English [...]

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  • Indian Senna 25 seeds

    Cassia angustifolia
    Indian Senna is a safe and effective laxative used widely throughout the world and a main ingredient in many commercial [...]

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  • Wood Avens or Herb Bennet Geum urbanum 400 seeds

    Geum urbanum - Wood Avens, Avens, Colewort, Clove root,
    Scented flowers from June to August. The young leaves can be used cooked, the [...]

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  • Basil Blue Spice 300 seeds

    Annual Culinary herb
    Ocimum americanum X basilicum
    Basil hybrid Blue spice height approx 60cm. Light purple flowers, fruity fragrance leaves [...]

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  • Horehound Black Ballota nigra 200 seeds

    Ballota nigra - Black Horehound
    A medicinal herb widely grown in herb gardens, has scented flowers and a good bee attractor. [...]

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