HERB SEEDSLarge range of herbs to grow from seeds for culinary use, pot herbs, windowsill and herb garden, medicinal, dyes, companion planting, Chinese, ornamental herb, ethnobotanical, magical and witchcraft. The early cottage gardeners used herbs for medicinal purposes and companion planting, but now they are are mostly used in cooking, where a well stocked herb garden is invaluable for a constant supply of fresh herbs for the culinary delights of today. Sow herbs for companion plants, Dill as it lures away pests, celery keeps whitefly away from cauliflowers, Sage protects carrots and cabbages, Nettles improve the flavour and protect plants from aphids, mildew and black fly also Basil, Tansy, Savoury, Borage, Thyme, Parsley, Marigolds, Mint are all good companion plants.


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  • Fennel Sweet 260 seeds

    Perennial Culinary herb
    Foeniculum vulgare dulce
    Leaves and stalks of Fennel Sweet are used [...]

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  • Sorrel Sheeps 500 seeds

    Rumex acetosella
    The leaves of Sheep's Sorrel are used raw or cooked and have a [...]

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  • Carrot Edible Leaf

    Daucus Carota var. sativa
    Edible carrot tops, something new to grow from seed for the salad [...]

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  • Valerian Red 100 seeds

    Centranthus ruber - Jupiters Beard, Pretty Betsy, Delicate Bess.
    Ornamental, [...]

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  • Thyme Summer Thyme de Provence 1000 seeds

    Thyme De Provence
    Thymus vulgaris Culinary herb
    Narrow leaves which are greyer than winter [...]

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  • Parsley Hamburg Rooted

    Petroselinum var. tuberosum
    Parsley Hamburg Rooted needs rich well cultivated soil, [...]

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  • Chives GIGANTIC 50 seeds

    Perennial Culinary herb
    Allium schoenoprasum
    As the name suggests giant chives grow up to [...]

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  • Basil Puck 600 seeds

    O.basilicum minimum Culinary herb
    Basil Puck has been bred for growing in pots or on a [...]

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