Hanging basketsGrow hanging basket plants from seed, grow quality plants and save a fortune on buying trailing plants and basket fillers from the garden centre. List of trailing plants suitable for hanging baskets, window boxes and containers, Ideal for displaying on the decking or patio. The following hanging basket or trailing plants to grow from seed are also listed in the main catalogue.

Hanging baskets

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  • Nemophila. Freckles 120 seeds

    Pure white background heavily dotted with tiny black speckles excellent for hanging baskets.

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  • Zinnia. Starbright Mixed 80 seeds

    Z.angustifolia A superb ground covering plant with narrow leaves and bushy growth. Bright mixture of small single star shaped flowers in [...]

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  • Geranium Trailing. Summer Showers Burgundy 6 seeds

    The first true ivy-leaved geranium from seed, can flower as early as 105 days after sowing. For hanging baskets in flower allow an [...]

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