Hanging basketsGrow hanging basket plants from seed, grow quality plants and save a fortune on buying trailing plants and basket fillers from the garden centre. List of trailing plants suitable for hanging baskets, window boxes and containers, Ideal for displaying on the decking or patio. The following hanging basket or trailing plants to grow from seed are also listed in the main catalogue.

Hanging baskets

Best sellers

  • Tomato Seeds Tumbling Tigress 10 seeds

    Lycopersicon esculentum.
    A compact trailing variety Tumbling Tigress produces both red and green [...]

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  • Portulaca. Happy Trails Mixed 100 seeds

    A trailing portulaca in a nice mixture of brilliant colours ideal for hanging baskets, borders and [...]

    Price £1.85

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  • Begonia. Supercascade Vanilla Cream 25 pelleted seeds

    Tuberous rooted F1 variety. Very floriferous cascading plants with double and semi double flowers [...]

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  • Vinca. Mediterranean XP Mixed 30 seeds

    Catharanthus roseus The first trailing Vinca, bred specifically for hanging baskets and [...]

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