Hanging basketsGrow hanging basket plants from seed, grow quality plants and save a fortune on buying trailing plants and basket fillers from the garden centre. List of trailing plants suitable for hanging baskets, window boxes and containers, Ideal for displaying on the decking or patio. The following hanging basket or trailing plants to grow from seed are also listed in the main catalogue.

Hanging baskets

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  • Lobelia. Monsoon 2000 seeds

    A new trailing lobelia Monsoon, with dark foliage and deep blue flowers. A impressive vigorous [...]

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  • Strawberry. Alexandria 300 seeds

    A vigorous, nearly runner less, Alpine Strawberry. Heavy cropper bearing small bright crimson [...]

    Price £1.95

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  • Petunia. Wave Mixed 10 pellets

    Pelleted Seed
    Similar in habit to Surfinia petunias with 7cm blooms along the length of each [...]

    Price £2.95

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  • Courgette Tromboncino Italian Range 10 seeds

    AKA Tromba D'Albenga
    Italian courgette from Liguria that is both ornamental and vegetable, a [...]

    Price £1.35

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  • Tomato Seeds Red Profusion 10 seeds

    A Hybrid trailing tomato with an attractive mounding habit suitable for a large hanging basket or [...]

    Price £1.25

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  • Lobelia. Blues Brothers 100 Multi seeded pellets

    Lobelia erinus
    The first ever multi-variety, multi pelleted seed that provides a [...]

    Price £2.95

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  • Saponaria. Ocymoides 80 seeds

    Tumbling Ted
    Easily grown plant for trailing over rocks, hanging baskets or containers, bearing [...]

    Price £1.85

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  • Nemesia. Poetry Mix 25 seeds

    Nemesia foetans
    Free flowering bushy habit with a good spread no pinching required, [...]

    Price £1.85

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