GRASS SEEDNicky's Grass seed, we have a large range of seed mixtures to suit a wide variety of areas, from lush green lawns and hard-wearing mixtures for play areas, to golf courses greens, fairways and roughs that are also perfect for encouraging wildlife, all our grass seed blends are carefully created to offer you the very best results in even the least favourable environments. Mixtures for seeding a new lawn or renovating a lawn. Coverage 50g per square metre. When to sow grass seed? the best time to sow seed is March to October, with a 20kg bag covering approximately 400sqm.

Grass seed orders will be dispatched in approx 2 days.
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Popular Products For July

  • Rapid Growth Landscaping and Sports

    A combination of specifically selected rye grasses
    25% Centurian,
    25% Fancy,
    25% Bellevue
    25% Jubilee.
    Rapid Growth [...]

    Price £69.50

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  • Birdstrike Grass Seed 20kg

    A mixture for long grass management for airports, mowing height 150mm. Sowing rate 20g/m2 over seeding rate 10g/m2

    70% Tall Fescue
    15% [...]

    Price £130.50

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  • [GPS08UK]

    Coastal Grass Seed

    A mixture that has been designed to help stabilise soil and reduce the risk of erosion on coastal sites that are exposed to salt and sandy [...]

    Price £95.50

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  • DOT Verge and Landscaping 20kg

    The official Ministry of Transport Mixture for roadside use. Used on road verges, embankments, and central reservations. DOT Verge and Landscaping [...]

    Price £141.00

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  • [GPS14LUK]


    Embankment mixture is ideally suited to slopes and banks, with varieties that aid soil stabilization on steep banks and slopes. Green Sward, a low [...]

    Price £68.95

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  • Low Maintenance Drought Tolerant and Golf Roughs

    A slow growing low maintenance mix suitable for landscaping, golf roughs, also dry soils, and as a base mix for wildflowers for low maintenance [...]

    Price £85.50

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  • [GPR60LUK]

    Shaded Lawn seed

    Simply the best mixture available for grassing shaded areas and landscaping, being excellent for both wear and shade tolerance. This shaded lawn seed [...]

    Price £70.50

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  • Universal Lawn and Landscape

    A mixture for use in back lawns, utility, sports and landscaping. This mixture of amenity varieties creates a quality hard wearing, economical [...]

    Price £71.50

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