FLOWER SEEDSYou will find a large range of flower seeds, all your favourite, rare and unusual flowers, annual and perennials for hanging baskets, borders, cottage gardens, containers, patio planters and landscaping. See our full range from Abutilon to Zinnia, UK seed supplier. See our New varieties. List of RHS Award of Garden Merit Annual, biennial and perennial seeds.
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New Products For January

  • Cosmos. Double Click Mix 30 seeds

    Double flowers with some semi doubles in a mixture of white, pink and carmine, Double Click mix makes excellent cut flowers, beautiful in borders and [...]

    Price £1.95

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  • Geranium. Reach Out mixed 6 seeds

    Ivy leaf F1 geranium (trailing). A full canopy of beautiful flowers all over the plant they are Ideal for landscapes, containers & hanging baskets. [...]

    Price £2.45

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  • Osteospermum. Akila Sunset Shades 10 seeds

    A beautiful mix of colours of the setting sun. Daisy like flowers from spring to autumn and it will tolerate light frost. Hybrid self branching [...]

    Price £3.55

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  • Verbena. Obsession Cascade Twister Violet 10 seeds

    A trailing Verbena from seed, a spreading and mounding habit makes it ideal for hanging baskets, containers and garden borders, either on its own or [...]

    Price £1.95

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  • Ageratum. Bermuda Blue 80 pelleted seeds

    A uniform flowering F1 Ageratum with mid blue flowers and excellent garden performance. Ideal for bedding plants and container planting. Height 15cm [...]

    Price £1.65

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  • Delphinium. Guardian Blue 10 seeds

    Tall bedding variety, uniform bloomming approx 6 weeks faster from trasnplatnt to bloom than stand open pollinated types. Tall spikes of deep blue [...]

    Price £2.95

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  • Armeria. Ballerina Mixed  20 seeds

    A first year flowering hardy perennial. Long stemmed spherical blooms above cushion shaped grasy foliage, Mixture of red, lilac and white flowers. [...]

    Price £1.99

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  • Helianthus. Sunflower ProCut White Nite  10 seeds

    Fashionable white petals on a sunflower
    Cream petals mature to white and contrast beautifully with the dark brown center. Excellent pollenless [...]

    Price £1.95

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    Gaillardia to Gaultheria
    Gazania to Gentiana
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    Gourds to Gypsophilia
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    Iberis to Impatiens
    Ipomoea to Iresine
    Knautia to Kochia
    Lapageria to Larkspur
    Laurentia to Lavender
    Layia to Linum
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    Maurandya to Mimulus
    Mina lobata to Myosotis
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1 x Perilla Shiso Green 200 seeds
2 x Tomato Tutti Frutti 10 seeds
1 x Basil Indian 250 seeds
1 x Tomato Opalka 15 seeds
1 x Perilla Shiso Red 400 seeds
1 x Tomato Olivade 10 seeds
1 x Professional Croquet Set 4 Player with tool kit bag U110
2 x Tomato Buffalosteak disease resistant 10 seeds
1 x Baby Jericho
1 x Tomato Orange Banana 20 seeds
1 x Premier Winter Sports Renovation and Playing Field seed 20kg
1 x Arne Junior indoor game
1 x Jojoba 5 seeds
1 x Team Indoor
1 x Giant Up 4 It FULL set of 42 spare counters
2 x Tomato Gourmandia disease resistant 10 seeds
1 x Tomato Orange Berry 40 seeds
1 x Basil Floral Spires Lavender 100 seeds
1 x Mini Space hopper 45cm
1 x Chia Salvia Hispanica 1 gram
1 x DOT Verge and Landscaping seed 20kg
1 x Horehound Black Ballota nigra 200 seeds
2 x Tomato Virgilio disease resistant 10 seeds
1 x Basil Emily 250 seeds
1 x Mah Jong set 15 inch attache case
1 x Flowering Lawn mixture 15 gram
1 x Giant Up 4 It set of 6 spare counters
1 x Cosmos. Sonata Purple Shades 25 seeds
1 x Tomatillo Pineapple 40 seeds
1 x Cosmos. Double Click Rose Bonbon 30 seeds
1 x Lavender. Blue Spear 50 seeds
1 x Gaultheria. Very Berry Wintergreen 30 seeds
1 x Melon Snow Leopard 10 seeds
1 x Strawberry. Temptress 50 seeds
1 x Prunus avium Wild Cherry 30 seeds
1 x Physalis. Cape Gooseberry Golden Berry 100 seeds
1 x Collard Flash 100 seeds
1 x Helichrysum. King Size Formula mix 700 seeds
1 x Wisteria Floribunda 10 seeds
1 x Chilli Monkey Face 10 seeds
1 x Courgette Shooting Star 10 seeds
1 x Delphinium. Diamonds Blue 15 seeds
1 x Strawberry. Elan 10 seeds
1 x Cabbage Rococo 30 seeds
1 x Onion Isobel Rose 200 seeds
1 x Cabbage Kilaton clubroot resistant 20 seeds
1 x Tomatillo Purple 30 seeds
1 x Larix Kaempferi 20 seeds
1 x Strawberry. Tarpan 10 seeds
1 x Sequoia Sempervirens 40 seeds
1 x Onion Piatta Di Bergamo 200 seeds
1 x Gazania. Enorma Mix 30 seeds
1 x Cosmos. Feng Shui 50 seeds
1 x Osteospermum. Akila Sunset Shades 10 seeds
2 x Arbutus Unedo Strawberry Tree 50 seeds
1 x Grasses. Festuca Glauca 200 seeds
1 x Pinus sylvestris 0.5 gram
1 x Acer rubrum 50 seeds
1 x Begonia. On Top Sun Glow 20 pelelted seeds
1 x Strawberry. White Delight 90 seeds
1 x Tomatillo Verde 100 seeds
1 x Ulex Europaeus Common Gorse 20 seeds
1 x Chilli Jamaican Bell 10 seeds
1 x Calibrachoa. Kabloom Denim 10 pellets
1 x Courgette Lemona 10 seeds
1 x Strawberry. Toscana 10 seeds
1 x Sweet Corn Goldcrest 40 seeds
1 x Pea Mangetout Sweet Sahara 100 seeds
1 x Myrtle Myrtus communis 50 seeds
1 x Strawberry. Loran 10 seeds
1 x Swiss Chard Celebration 150 seeds
1 x Pinus Contorta 40 seeds
1 x Cauliflower Clapton clubroot resistant 20 seeds
1 x Malus baccata 20 seeds
1 x Zizyphus Jujuba 10 seeds
1 x Salvia. Big Blue 10 seeds
1 x Zinnia. Pop Art Golden and Red 50 seeds
1 x Petunia. Easy Wave Lavender Sky Blue 10 pellets
1 x Strawberry. Roman 10 seeds
1 x Tomato Giulietta 10 seeds
1 x Abies Concolour 25 seeds
1 x Calocephalus. Titanium 10 multi seeded pellets
1 x Acer Rufinerve 10 seeds
1 x Strawberry. Gasana 10 seeds
1 x Chilli Brazilian Starfish 10 seeds
1 x Spinach Sputnik 1000 seeds
1 x Melon Ogen 10 seeds
1 x Runner Bean Jackpot mix 30 seeds
1 x Cabbage Felicity 30 seeds
1 x Cabbage Lodero clubroot resistant 20 seeds
1 x Strawberry. Fresca 20 seeds
1 x Helianthus. Sunflower Chianti 10 seeds
2 x Strawberry. Summer Breeze Rose 10 seeds
1 x Zinnia. Queen Lime Orange 30 seeds
1 x Morus Alba 200 seeds
1 x Acer Palmatum Dissectum 20 seeds
1 x Verbena. Obsession Cascade Twister Violet 10 seeds
1 x Physalis. Cape Gooseberry Dwarf Ground Cherry 100 seeds
1 x Strawberry. Alexandria 300 seeds
1 x Chilli Biquinho (pimenta) 10 seeds
1 x Campanula. Alpine Breeze Blue 50 seeds
1 x Bitter Melon, Bitter Gourd or Karela 4 gram
1 x Rudbeckia. Cappuccino 30 seeds
1 x Euphorbia. Glamour 10 seeds
1 x Courgette Darko 10 seeds
1 x Acer ginnala 40 seeds
1 x Chinese Cabbage Natsuki 50 seeds
1 x Calabrese Monclano clubroot resistant 20 seeds
1 x Melon Irina 10 seeds
1 x Begonia. Mighty Mini Mixed 40 Pelleted seeds
1 x Hamamelis virginiana 20 seeds
1 x Grasses. Panicum Fontaine 40 seeds
1 x Taxus Baccata Yew 30 seeds
1 x Verbena. Obsession Cascade Red Eye 10 seeds
1 x Carpinus betulus 25 seeds
1 x Helianthus. Sunflower Sunsation Yellow 10 seeds
1 x Punica granatum nana 15 seeds
1 x Tomatillo De Milpa 50 seeds
1 x Chilli Sivri Biber 10 seeds
1 x Campanula. Alpine Breeze White 50 seeds
1 x Penstemon. Twizzle Scarlet 20 seeds
1 x Feijoa Sellowiana. Pineapple Guava 35 seeds
1 x Cosmos. Double Click Mix 30 seeds
1 x Geranium. Reach Out mixed 6 seeds
1 x Wonderberry 30 seeds
1 x Cucamelon 30 seeds
1 x Goji Berry Chinese Wolfberry minimum 25 seeds
1 x Turnip Sweetbell 250 seeds
1 x Swede Invitation clubroot resistant 500 seeds
1 x Strawberry. Mignonette 90 seeds
1 x Ageratum. Bermuda Blue 80 pelleted seeds
1 x Courgette Black Forest 5 seeds
1 x Eucalyptus. Lemon Bush 20 seeds
1 x Cabbage Regency 50 seeds
1 x Cabbage Kalibro clubroot resistant 30 seeds
1 x Acer Palmatum 30 seeds
1 x Melon Honeydew Orange 10 seeds
1 x Strawberry. Yellow Wonder 200 seeds
1 x Onion Di Genova 200 seeds