FLOWER SEEDSYou will find a large range of all your favourite, rare and unusual flowers, annual and perennials for hanging baskets, borders, cottage gardens, containers, patio planters and landscaping. See our full range from Abutilon to Zinnia, UK supplier. See our New varieties. List of RHS Award of Garden Merit Annual, biennial and perennial flower seeds.
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Popular Products For November

  • Impatiens. Beacon select mix  30 seeds

    A new Busy Lizzie Beacon has been bred to have high resistance to the devasting Downy Mildew disease. For bright, long lasting colour throughout the [...]

    Price £1.95

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  • Zinnia. Zinderella Lilac 15 seeds

    Scabiosa flowered Zinnia with attractive lilac pink flowers with a contrasting dark eye. Robust plant, excellent for attracting bees and butterflies [...]

    Price £1.95

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  • Lisianthus. Corelli Rose 20 pellets

    Hybrid Lisianthus, Cut Flower. This variety really stands out with fringed curly petals, large fully double rose flowers on strong stems. Large [...]

    Price £2.95

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  • Strawberry. Beltran  10 seeds

    White flowered.
    Bred for hanging baskets and containers, mid-sized sweet succulent conical fruit with a delicate flavour, hybrid plants fruit all [...]

    Price £3.25

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  • Celosia. Dracula 10 pellets

    A new celosia, flowering from Spring to late Summer. This novelty Celosia has 1 big flower on top of the foliage. The foliage is dark with purple [...]

    Price £2.35

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  • Helianthus. Sunflower Desire Red 10 seeds

    Dwarf red sunflower with dark green foliage. A stunning breakthrough in sunflower breeding, the first compact rich red sunflower for beds, borders [...]

    Price £2.35

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  • Helianthus. Sunflower Cherry Rose  10 seeds

    A pollen free, branching F1 variety, flowers in approximately 60 days from sowing. Outer flower ring pale lemon, inner ring cherry rose with a brown [...]

    Price £2.25

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  • Echinacea. Lakota Red 10 seeds

    The first F1 hybrid Echinacea colours from seeds, uniform highly branched plant with Red flowers. Ideal for large pots, containers and perennial [...]

    Price £3.95

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