FLOWER SEEDS2017 YEAR OF THE ZINNIA see our large selection of Zinnia flower seeds. Our range include flowers for hanging baskets, borders, cottage garden, containers, patio planters, annual and perennial borders and landscaping, see our full range of flowers from Abutilon to Zinnia, UK flower seeds supplier. List of RHS Award of Garden Merit Flowers Annual, biennial and perennial flower seeds
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  • Campanula. Acaulis 1000 seeds

    Clustered Bellflower. Excellent cut flower and border plant. Clusters of dark violet [...]

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  • Papaver. Poppy Apple Green 250 seeds

    (Papaver) 90cm (Perennial treat as Annual)
    (Poppy Applegreen)
    Beautiful apple green coloured [...]

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  • Millet. Limelight 80 seeds

    Setaria italica
    Ornamental millet, ideal as a cut and dried flower subject. Vibrant [...]

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  • Petunia. Wave Blue 10 pellets,

    Pelleted Seed
    Similar in habit to Surfinia petunias with 7cm blooms along the length of each [...]

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  • Gourds. Hedgehog Gourd 100 seeds

    Cucumis dipsaceus
    Also known as Mini Luffa. A cucumber relative and will keep for several [...]

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  • Dichondra. Silver Falls 10 seeds

    Trailing plant. Rounded, fan shaped silver foliage with silver stems. Vigorous growth [...]

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  • Sweet Pea. Burnished Bronze 15 seeds

    Deep maroon long stemmed flowers, a lightly scented garden and exhibition variety.

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  • Helianthus. Sunflower Copper Queen 25 seeds

    Stunning F1 orange sunflowers, these tall plants add colour to backs of borders, rich in [...]

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