FLOWER SEEDS2017 YEAR OF THE ZINNIA see our large selection of Zinnia flower seeds. Our range include flowers for hanging baskets, borders, cottage garden, containers, patio planters, annual and perennial borders and landscaping, see our full range of flowers from Abutilon to Zinnia, UK flower seeds supplier. List of RHS Award of Garden Merit Flowers Annual, biennial and perennial flower seeds
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  • Eucalyptus. Nicholii 0.5g

    Narrow Leaved Black Peppermint, also known as Willow-leaved peppermint. White flowers in autumn. [...]

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  • Sweet Pea. Wiltshire Ripple 15 seeds

    A unique colour combination in the fashionable ripple pattern of claret to chocolate colouring over [...]

    Price £1.25

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  • Gloxinia. Brocade Double Mixed 20 seeds

    Dwarf and compact with small leaves. Ideal for 10-12cm pots. Colours of blue, red and a red/white [...]

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  • Sweet Pea. Purple prince 15 seeds

    Heirloom sweet pea seeds Purple Prince introduced in 1886 by Henry Eckford. An intense purple and [...]

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  • Sweet William. Indian Carpet Mixed 700 seeds

    15cm biennial dwarf single
    Dianthus Barbatus. Small mound-like plants with big flower heads in [...]

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  • Lisianthus. Arena Blue Flash 30 pellets

    Eustoma grandiflorum
    Hybrid Lisianthus Arena series, selected for its high quality [...]

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  • Penstemon. Snowbells 20 seeds

    20cm New Dwarf
    First year flowering perennial. Compact, dark leaved, free [...]

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  • Geranium Perennial. Splish Splash Pratense striatum 10 seeds

    Unusual and striking colouration of mauve blue splashes and flecks on pure white petals, a [...]

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