CHILLIThe UK Chilli seed specialist with one of the largest range of Chilli seeds for sale in the UK including Chilli Pepper Carolina Reaper the Worlds Hottest Chilli, recording an average of 1,569,300 SHU's. New superhot chillies for 2017 include Chocolate Carolina Reaper, Borg 9 Red chilli seeds, Borg 9 Chocolate and BTR Scorpion some of our other new varieties include Aji Limo, Tabasco Marchini and Pimenta Puma. A large range of Chillies from the mildest to the worlds hottest peppers. Buy Chilli Pepper Seeds online from only £0.85 a pkt. List of chillies from 85p. Collections include mild, Worlds Hottest and superhot chillies. FERA Registered seed packer number 7049. Postage and packing to the UK only £1.90 per order.


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  • Chilli Seeds Thai Dragon 15 seeds

    Chile Peppers F1 Thai Dragon, 3 inch long fiery red pointed very hot Thai chillies plant grows to a height of 140cm. Fruits are early and thin [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Sweet and Spicy 10 seeds

    Capsicum annuum
    Medium height pepper growing to 25-35 cm in height and has a bushy well branched habit. The fruits are cone shaped and about 7-9cm [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Santa Fe Grande 10 seeds

    Chilli Peppers Santa fe Grand, height 60cm heavy cropping variety conical shaped thick walled fruits blunted at the end approx 5-7.5cm long, ripen [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Numex Vaquero

    Capsicum annuumOpen pollinated hot Jalapeno chilli pepper. Green smooth pods with no purpling and uniform heat, pods are up to 6.25cm long. Heat [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Satans Kiss 20 seeds

    Ciliegia piccante Capsicum annuumKnown as Baccio Di Satana or Satans Kiss a cherry type hot heirloom variety from Calabria Italy used for stuffed [...]

    Only 1975 left

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