CHILLIThe UK Chilli seed specialist with one of the largest range of Chilli seeds for sale in the UK including Chilli Pepper Carolina Reaper the Worlds Hottest Chilli, recording an average of 1,569,300 SHU's. New superhot chillies for 2017 include Chocolate Carolina Reaper, Borg 9 Red chilli seeds, Borg 9 Chocolate and BTR Scorpion some of our other new varieties include Aji Limo, Tabasco Marchini and Pimenta Puma. A large range of Chillies from the mildest to the worlds hottest peppers. Buy Chilli Pepper Seeds online from only £0.85 a pkt. List of chillies from 85p. Collections include mild, Worlds Hottest and superhot chillies. FERA Registered seed packer number 7049. Postage and packing to the UK only £1.90 per order.


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  • Chilli Seeds Purple Peach 10 seeds

    Capsicum chinense
    Round multi coloured fruits, fruity flavour similar to a habanero and a good heat level.

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  • Superhots Carolina Reaper VEG581, Moruga Scorpion VEG1158, Butch T VEG220, Brain Strain VEG040, Bhut Jolokia VEG781

    Carolina Reaper
    Trinidad Moruga Scorpion
    Trinidad Scorpion Butch 'T'
    Trinidad 7 Pot Brain Strain
    Bhut Jolokia
    1 pkt of each [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Habanero Maya Red 15 seeds

    Hot chilli pepper
    Capsicum chinense
    Fruits are long and slender up to 7 to 8cm long, mature from green through orange to red. Very hot chilli [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Numex Vaquero

    Capsicum annuumOpen pollinated hot Jalapeno chilli pepper. Green smooth pods with no purpling and uniform heat, pods are up to 6.25cm long. Heat [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Red Tip 15 seeds

    Capsicum baccatumThis is one of the hottest Capsicum baccatum chilli peppers. Ripens from green to red and have a lovely fruity flavour. Peppers are [...]

    Only 1998 left

    Weight: 0.005

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