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A large range of Chillies from the mildest to the worlds hottest chilli peppers. Buy Chilli Pepper Seeds online from only £0.90 a pkt. List of chillies from 90p. Collections include mild, Worlds Hottest and superhot chillies. FERA Registered seed packer number 7049. Postage and packing to the UK only £1.90 per order.



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  • Capsicum. Peppers Chilli Red Missile 10 seeds

    Capsicum annuum
    Ornamental chilli with hot tapered fruit that changes from cream to orange to bright red. An excellent container plant.

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  • Chilli Seeds Hot Tomato 8 seeds

    Produces tomato shaped medium to hot fruits. The 4cm round peppers mature to red, plants are 25-30cm tall and are ideal for pot production in 12 to [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Sparky 10 seeds

    C chacoense
    Plants produce masses of hot 1cm long red fruits with a distinctive flavour. Ideal as an ornamental chilli, the fruits can be used [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Trinidad Chocolate Scorpion 10 seeds

    Capsicum chinense
    This is a natural chocolate coloured variant of the red Trinidad Scorpion. The red versions of the Trinidad Scorpion tend to [...]

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