SeedsNicky's Nursery a UK seed company specialising in veg, tomato, chilli, oriental veg, baby veg and salad leaf. Please note we only sell seeds, we do not sell garden plants, young plants or cuttings. Grow all your favourite, rare and unusual plants from seeds, ideal for the home gardener, allotments, landscaping and professional growers. See also what to sow month by month in our flower and vegetable sowing calendars. Large range of vegetables from 85p a pkt.

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  • Calabrese 20 gram

    Brassica family
    Calabrese sprouts Brassica family have the same benefits as other Brassica sprouts. easy to grow and full of nutrition with a mild [...]

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  • Sweet Pea. Lathyrus Chloranthus 15 seeds

    A vigorous climber plant producing unique small yellow flowers that are unscented against silky green leaves. Ideal as a cut flower but [...]

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  • Abies Nobilis procera 25 seeds

    Noble Fir Wales Blue Strain
    A large conical fir with grey bark, grey green to bright blue grey leaves. A very blue strain from tree stands in [...]

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  • Marigold. Alumia Vanilla Cream 50 seeds

    25cmTagetes patulaExcellent bedding variety with unique lemon yellow flowers, short branching uniform plants give superb garden performance, [...]

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