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Image shows Lisianthus Advantage Pink

Best sellers

  • Spinach Fuji 1000 seeds

    Oriental baby leaf spinach with serrated leaves, which are smooth, thick and dark green in colour with pointed tips. Hybrid suitable for baby leaf, [...]

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  • Butterfly and bees wildflower seed mixture

    5 gram pkt covers approx 5 sq metre
    A mixture designed to attract butterflies and bees, heights of species under 60cm apart from teasel and [...]

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  • Cress Salad 40 gram

    Lepidium sativum
    Fine leaved Cress with a hot flavour, ready in 10 days sow direct into punnets or on kitchen towels do not pre soak. Children [...]

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  • Strawberry. White Delight 90 seeds

    Fragaria vesca albo
    Sweet and juicy white fruits, an incredible form of perpetual strawberry which remains white when it is ripe. No race to beat [...]

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  • Spicy Mesclun Mixture 500 seeds

    Baby Leaf
    European salad type custom mixture of red and green young salad leaves, including spicy leaves such as Arugula (rocket), Red Giant [...]

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  • Beetroot 30 gram

    Beta vulgaris
    Rich in vitamins, add a nice colour to salads and sandwiches, pre soak for best results, ready in approx 6-8 days. 30 gram approx [...]

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  • Mizuna Kyoto 450 seeds

    Brassica rapa var japonica, Japanese Greens
    Slender white stalks topped with ‘feathery’ dark green leaves. Sow in all seasons at high density [...]

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  • Tomato Collection 2 Bloody Butcher Green Sausage Pink Brandywine Striped Stuffer Christmas Grapes Y' Stuffer Limmony Lemon Tree Y' Pygmy

    Tomato seeds
    Classic seed Collection 2
    Bloody Butcher
    Green Sausage
    Pink Brandywine
    Striped Stuffer
    Christmas Grapes
    Yellow [...]

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New Products For November

  • Perilla Shiso Red 400 seeds

    Deep purple-red feathery leaves a traditional Japanese herb or salad leaf, used in Asian dishes, salads and pickling. Hardy Annual, Perilla [...]

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  • Mustard Red Dragon 500 seeds

    Very attractive hybrid mustard with a broad serrated leaf, having a mottled green and red colouring and red veins. Easy to grow babyleaf and micro [...]

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  • Pak Choi Colour Crunch mix 300 seeds

    Well balanced blend of Green Stem, White Stem, Golden Yellow and Red Leaf Pak Choi for babyleaf. A mix that grows well in beds, borders and [...]

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  • American Cress or Land cress 750 seeds

    Also known as Uplands Cress, easy to grow, slow bolting. Young leaves used raw or cooked as seasoning. Having a hot spicy flavour they are a useful [...]

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  • Perilla Shiso Green 200 seeds

    Deep green leaves with good aroma, Japanese herb or salad leaf, use in salad packs, seafood dishes or as a stir fry vegetable. Hardy Annual, Perilla [...]

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  • Pak Choi Purple Rain 350 seeds

    A dark red F1 babyleaf Pak Choi with a thicker leaf, round to oval shape, and sturdy stem. Handles well and looks very attractive mixed with salad [...]

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  • Balm Lemonella 500 seeds

    Melissa officinalis
    An improved and more aromatic than Balm citronella. Baby leaf herb, high essential oils content. Attractive to [...]

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  • Squash Winter Honey Bear 10 seeds

    The perfect "personal size" squash. 2008 AAS Winner!
    F1 Winter Squash baby veg ideal for containers and gardens plant spreads up to 1M. [...]

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