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What to sow September (Veg)

Broccoli Raab slow bolting, can be overwintered
Corn Salad or Lambs Lettuce can be sown Spring until late Autumn sow every 2 weeks for continual supply
Green Maure sow some varieties into Autumn.
Winter Lettuce also available in single packets.
Mustard Sow in succession for continual supply of baby leaf
Pak Choi Late sowings for baby leaf can be made in September, may also require cloche or fleece protection.
Rocket Can be sown up until end of September provide protection during late autumn.
Land Cress Sow Spring to September in situ, successional sowings for continual cropping.
Spinach Some varieties can be sown as late as Autumn.
Spring Onions
Perpetual Spinach Cut and come again, sow into late autumn.
Baby Leaf Salad leaf can be sown late for baby leaf.


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    Heirloom sweet pea America flowers with Purple to Red streaks on white petal background dating back to 1896. Strong fragrant cut flower, RHS Award of [...]

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  • Eucalyptus. Lemon Bush 20 seeds

    E. citriodora
    A quick and easy plant to grow from seed, it is ideal for patio containers and pot plants, the containers will restrict its growth. [...]

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  • Sweet Pea. Lathyrus Tingitanus 15 seeds

    An annual Lathyrus, vigorous climbing plant with masses of beautiful coral rose pink flowers. A wild pea also known as Tangier pea. As easy to grow [...]

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