Chillies by typeChilli seeds listed by cultivar, use and type, aji, baccatum, cayenne, worlds hottest, ornamental, scotch bonnet, thai, hanging basket varieties. FERA Registered packer number 7049

Chillies by type

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  • Chilli Seeds Costeno Amarillo 15 seeds

    Costeno Amarillo originate from the Oaxaca and Guerrero regions of Mexico. Pods measure [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Volante Hot Red 10 seeds

    Superb hanging basket variety. The fruits turn from cream to violet, to orange, then to an intense [...]

    Price £2.95

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  • Capsicum. Peppers Chilli Chilly Chili 10 seeds

    An ornamental chilli pepper variety that is child safe, Chilly Chilli bears non pungent 5cm fruits. [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Piros 10 seeds

    Chilli Pepper Piros F1 a long slim Anaheim type producing attractive 180-200mm fruits. Ripens green [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Trinidad Scorpion Butch T seed 10 seeds

    Capsicum chinense
    Originating from Trinidad this scorpion is the pure strain. Bred in Australia [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Fresno Orange 10 seeds

    Fruits mature from light green to orange, F1 Fresno Orange is an early variety. Fruit size approx 3 [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Chilhuacle Negro 15 seeds

    Chilli seeds C.annuum
    Avery rare black bell shaped chilli from southern Mexico, used in Mole [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Trinidad 7 Pot Madballz 10 seeds

    Capsicum chinense
    A cross between Yellow 7 pot and Chocolate Bhut Jolokia, the peppers have a [...]

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