Chillies by typeChilli seeds listed by cultivar, use and type, aji, baccatum, cayenne, worlds hottest, ornamental, scotch bonnet, thai, hanging basket varieties. FERA Registered packer number 7049

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  • Chilli Seeds Turkish Picking 10 seeds

    Turkish Pickling although normally grown for pickling they are just as good for use as hot fresh chillies. Compact and upright hot chilli from Turkey [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Orange Tyger 10 seeds

    Orange Tyger a very beautiful and flavoursome chilli from Thailand, bushy plants have small upright hot fruits that have a great citrus flavour and [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Little Bomb 10 seeds

    Little Bomb ia an attractive cherry pepper that ripens from white to bright red. The compact upright plants are ornamental and very productive, they [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Havana Gold 10 seeds

    Havana Gold is a vigorous growing chilli from Cuba carrying an enormous crop of very tasty mild chillies. A thin fleshed chilli with an outstanding [...]

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  • Capsicum. Peppers Chilli Red Missile 10 seeds

    Capsicum annuum
    Ornamental chilli with hot tapered fruit that changes from cream to orange to bright red. An excellent container plant.

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  • Chilli Seeds Orange Cayenne TSX901 10 seeds

    Hybrid Chilli Pepper Orange Cayenne variety with attractive glossy orange fruits at maturity. Fruits are pendant setting and a little more rounded at [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Pimenta Puma 10 seeds

    A very rare hot chilli, dark coloured stems, fruits ripen from dark purple-green to golden or dark yellow. Typical very hot habanero flavour. [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Pelita 20 seeds

    Chilli Pepper hybrid Pelita Fruits up to 6cm in length, extremely hot. Fruiting on medium tall, upright, bushy plants.

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