Chillies by typeChilli seeds listed by cultivar, use and type, aji, baccatum, cayenne, worlds hottest, ornamental, scotch bonnet, thai, hanging basket varieties. FERA Registered packer number 7049

Chillies by type

Best sellers

  • Chilli Seeds Naga Morich 10 seeds

    Blistering Hot Indian Chilli Naga Morich Pepper - Capsicum chinense
    Naga Morich has been reported as registering hotter than Bhut Jolokia. It is [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Bahamian Goat 10 chilli seeds

    A delicious extremely hot pepper from the Bahamas, light orange to peach coloured chillies that sometimes grow a scorpion tail. Once you get past the [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Ring of Fire 10 seeds

    Capsicum annuum. Small cane shaped very hot chilli peppers, 10cm long and pointed, ripen from green to red getting hotter as they change colour.

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  • Chilli Seeds Numex Vaquero

    Capsicum annuumOpen pollinated hot Jalapeno chilli pepper. Green smooth pods with no purpling and uniform heat, pods are up to 6.25cm long. Heat [...]

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  • Chilli Seeds Red Tip 15 seeds

    Capsicum baccatumThis is one of the hottest Capsicum baccatum chilli peppers. Ripens from green to red and have a lovely fruity flavour. Peppers are [...]

    Only 1998 left

    Weight: 0.005

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1 x Chilli Seeds Padron 15 seeds
1 x Chilli Seeds NuMex Heritage Big Jim 20 seeds
1 x Cardoon Gobbo di Nizzia Italian Range 20 seeds
1 x Chilli Seeds NuMex Heritage Collection Big Jim 20 chilli seeds VEG1008 and Numex Heritage 6 4 15 seeds VEG798
1 x Carrot Little Finger 300 seeds
1 x Chilli Seeds Ciliegia piccante Satans Kiss Italian range 20 seeds
1 x Carrot Royal Chantenay 1000 seeds
1 x Climbing French Bean Cosse Violette 50g Av 150 seeds
1 x Kale Walking Stick 50 Seeds
1 x Okra Burmese Heirloom 10 seeds
1 x Lettuce Rouge D Hiver Romaine Variety Winter Lettuce 500 Seeds
1 x Lettuce Hendersons Black Seeded Simpson 900 seeds
1 x Aubergine Turkish Orange Eggplant 25 seeds
1 x Chilli Seeds Mushroom Yellow 15 seeds
1 x Aubergine Thai Long Green Eggplant 25 seeds
1 x Beetroot Cheltenham Green Top 200 seeds
1 x Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson Winter Lettuce 800 seeds
1 x Executive Croquet Set 4 player with tool kit bag U115
1 x Professional Croquet Set 6 PLAYER with Nylon bag U111
1 x Cottage Croquet Set 4 player
1 x Sandford Croquet Set 4 player
1 x Lawn Croquet Set 4 player
1 x The Championship Croquet Set 4 player with tool kit bag U120
1 x Garden Croquet Set with Nylon Bag U105
1 x Professional Croquet Set 4 Player with tool kit bag U110
1 x JUNIOR Executive Croquet Set with tool kit bag U114
1 x Team Extreme Outdoor Table tennis Table
1 x Chavenage Bat Box plus 10g Bats in the garden wildflower seeds
1 x Butterfly Bee Nectar Feeding Station Wildlife Habitat
1 x Bat 5 Magenta Bat Detector
1 x Chavenage Bat Box Wildlife Habitat
1 x Bug Box Insect Habitat
1 x Butterfly Moth Habitat Feeder Interactive Wildlife Habitat
1 x Solar Insect Theatre Wildlife Habitat
1 x Butterfly Moth Habitat Feeder Wildlife Habitat
1 x Beepol Villa and Voucher for Large Bumblebee Hive
1 x Ladybird or Insect Tower with pole
1 x Mini Bug Butterfly Moth Feeder