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  • Agrimony Common 1 gram

    Agrimonia eupatoria - Sticklewort Cocklebur
    Herb for medicinal use, used to cure gum infections, sore [...]

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  • Albizia julibrissin Silk Tree 20 seeds

    Persian Silk, Mimosa Tree seeds or medicinal herb
    Small tree or shrub with fern like leaves, flowers during summer. [...]

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  • Alexanders Black Lovage 20 seeds

    Biennial Culinary herb
    Smyrnium olusatrum - Black Lovage
    An ornamental herb can be used as a pot herb, once used [...]

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  • Angelica 1 gram av 200 seeds

    A.archangelica - Arch-Angel, Wild Parsnip
    Angelica Archangelica flower heads are kept from forming or [...]

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