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  • Abutilon. Bella Select Mixed 10 seeds

    Tender Perennial. Dwarf plants that do not require pinching out and will produce a mass of papery flowers in [...]

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  • Abutilon. Delft Blue 10 seeds

    Abutilon vitifolium
    Climbing Maple
    Tender Perennial Large exquisite lavender or porcelain-blue flowers, in a form [...]

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  • Acanthus. Mollis 5 seeds

    Bears Britches. Decorative foliage, attractive flower spikes of rose or white, flower June-august, suitable for [...]

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  • Achillea. Cerise Queen 100 seeds

    Umbels of rose red flowers, delicate decorative feathery foliage. Good border plant & useful cut flower. Grow in full [...]

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New Products For April

  • A pkt BTR Scorpion VEG276  Carolina Reaper VEG581 Bhut Jolokia VEG781 Trinidad Brain Strain VEG040 and Butch T VEG220 10 seeds each

    Carolina Reaper
    BTR Scorpion (A cross between the Butch T Scorpion and the Carolina Reaper)
    Trinidad Scorpion Butch 'T'
    Trinidad 7 Pot Brain [...]

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  • Borg 9 Red VEG164 Borg 9 Chocolate VEG190 BTR Scorpion VEG276 10 seeds per pkt

    2017 collection of
    Borg 9 Red
    Borg 9 Chocolate
    BTR Scorpion
    All 10 seeds per pkt

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  • Capsicum. Peppers Chilli Calico 8 seeds

    Ornamental chilli pepper that has compact rounded plants, uniform in size and habit with variegated tricolour foliage of purple, green and cream. An [...]

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  • Capsicum. Peppers Chilli Chilly Chili 10 seeds

    An ornamental chilli pepper variety that is child safe, Chilly Chilli bears non pungent 5cm fruits. Green to yellow fruits ripen to orange and mature [...]

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