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Wildflowers, British Native Wildflower Seed, Agrimony, Anemone, Bluebells, Pansy, Poppies, Snowdrop, Trefoil, Valerian to Yellow Rattle. Over 150 wildflowers to grow from seed. Seed origin UK and Europe.

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One of the largest selections of wildflower, and weeds from seed and wildflower mixtures available online.
Sowing time for wildflowers is all year round with best results sowing either March to early May, or from August to September.
The following selection of wildflowers and weeds are the most popular and easily grown species, whose beauty and colour make them ideal subjects for the garden sourced from leading British Wildflower seed producers.

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Alexanders     Biennial Culinary herb
Smyrnium olusatrum - Black Lovage
An ornamental herb can be used as a pot herb, once used medicinally. Now used as a culinary herb, most parts of the plant are used. Sow late summer early winter in cold frame, sow early spring in situ, seed requires period of cold to germinate. A wildflower of coastal areas height 50 - 150cm.

1.85 Av 20 seeds



Common Agrimony            Perennial  Herb/Wildflower 
Agrimonia eupatoria - Sticklewort, Cocklebur.
Herb for medicinal use, used to cure gum infections, sore throats. Gargle with an infusion of Agrimony is said to create a supple larynx. Used to treat wounds, a yellow dye plant. Grow in well drained soil in full sun. Seed is best sown in the spring. Approx 45 seeds per gram.

1.35 Av 1 gram

8.90 Av 10 gram pkt




Anemone, Wood       Perennial
Anemone nemorosa -  Hgt 6- 30cm    Flowers March to May.
White flowers veined with purplish pink. The leaves appear as the plant finishes flowering. Habitat deciduous woods.

  Av 50 seeds

Image of Wood Anemone (Natural Habitat)



Ladies Bedstraw

Bedstraw Lady's    -    Ladies Bedstraw       Perennial  Herb / Wildflower
Galium verum - Yellow Bedstraw,  Cheese Rennet.    Hgt 15-100cm     Flowers July to September.
Heads of four tiny petalled yellow flowers borne on stems bearing rings of needle type leaves. When dried the plant has a smell of new-mown hay and was formerly used for making bedding, legend has it that Mary gave birth to Jesus on a bed of Lady's Bedstraw. A food plant for caterpillars. The plant is used as a household remedy for relief from kidney and bladder complaints, the roots were once used for red dye and the stem and leaves for a yellow dye. Grow in ordinary well drained soil in a sunny position.
1 gram approx 2,000 seeds

  Av 1 gram pkt 

5.00 Av 10 gram pkt

15.00 Av 100 gram pkt


Bergamot Wild

Bergamot Wild   Perennial Culinary herb
Monarda fistulosa - Wild Bergamot, Horsemint, Wildbergamot Beebalm
Flowers July and is pollinated by bees good for attracting wildlife into the garden. All the plant above ground level can be used, leaves are used raw or cooked as flavouring in salads and cooked food meats and beans. Medicinal properties improves digestion, colds, headaches fevers bronchial complaints. Wild Bergamot seed sow mid spring on in a cold frame plant out early summer, sow again in summer in areas where the winter is not too cold. Prefers full sun does not like the shade in a light dry alkaline soil.

1.40 Av 200 seeds


Betony         Perennial
Stachys Officinalis    Hgt 15- 60cm     Flowers June to September
Reddish purple flowers numerous in whorls in a cylindrical spike. Was used in herbal medicine to cure headaches and noted for its healing properties. Found in open woods, on rocky ground and coastal cliffs.

Av 500 seeds


Birds-Foot-Trefoil, Common

Birds-Foot-Trefoil, Common   Perennial
Lotus corniculatus - eggs & bacon   Hgt 10- 40cm  Flowers June to September.
Flowers are often yellow tinged or veined with red slightly scented. Birds foot trefoil is found on dry grassland, verges, banks, cliffs and sand dunes. A well loved flower of the countryside. The common name Eggs and Bacon refer to the flower colour. Av 600 seeds per gram

Av 1 gram pkt


Birds-Foot-Trefoil, Greater

Birds-Foot-Trefoil, Greater   Perennial
Lotus pedunculatus -    Hgt 25- 70cm  Flowers June to September.
Greater Birds Foot Trefoil thrives in damper conditions, has darker foliage and a more bushy and more upright plant then Common Birds Foot Trefoil. Flowers are yellow slightly tinged or veined with red. Found on damp grassland, verges, banks and sand dunes. Sow throughout the growing season, scarification of seed aids germination.

Av 500 seeds




Birthwort see Herbs

Bluebell wood seeds are harvested from this woodland. Seed is British Native
More Bluebell Wood Images

Bluebell     Perennial
 Hyacinthoides non-scripta - Wild Hyacinth  Hgt 20- 50cm Flowers April to June
Native English Bluebell Seeds. Bluebell Flowers are dark violet-blue and are very rarely white or pink, drooping at the tip, and having a rich scent. Much sought after as cut flowers. Bluebell Habitat woodlands often as a thick carpet of flowers, hedges, coastal cliffs. Sow seeds rather than plant bulbs to help conserve our Bluebell woods. Native British Bluebell seeds.
1 gram Av 190 seeds

  Av 100 seeds

 18.00 Av 10 gram pkt






Bugle    Perennial
Ajuga reptans
Hgt 10- 40cm Flowers April to July
Native European. Having distinctive blue flowers on a tall leafy spike, leaves are tinged blackish violet. Habitat damp woodland and meadows.

Av 60 seeds




Burdock Greater   Biennial
Arctium Lappa - Burdock, Lappa, Beggars Buttons
Hgt to 100cm   Flowers July to September
Greater Burdock an alternative herb. Natural habitat is waste ground, hedgerows but occasionally found in meadows and woodland. Prefers a moist soil in full sun to semi shade. The root, leaves and stalk can be used raw or cooked, the seed is also known to be used sprouted. It is cultivated in Japan for its edible root.
Best sown late autumn or early spring in situ, pre soaking or scarification of seeds aids germination. Buckinghamshire. Av 80 seeds per gram

Av 1 gram pkt

8.50 Av 10 gram pkt


Buttercup Creeping    Perennial
Ranunculus repens
Hgt 0.3m         Flowers  May to August
Creeping buttercup glossy yellow flowers, long stalked, grows in grassy areas, woods,  damp meadows and shady areas. Approx 350 seeds per gram

1.75 Av 1 gram pkt

12.00 Av 10 gram pkt


Buttercup, Meadow   Perennial
Ranunculus acris
Hgt 10- 100cm   Flowers May to September
Meadow buttercup seeds, cup shaped bright glossy yellow flowers usually 5 petals. Found in damp meadows and grassy places. Approx 500 seeds per gram

Av 1 gram

6.50 Av 10 gram pkt

18.00 Av 100 gram pkt



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Cultural information for Individual wild flower species


Special treatment for wildflower seeds

Scarification :- The germination of some seeds is greatly improved by rubbing the seeds lightly between two sheets of sandpaper. this enables the moisture in the soil to penetrate the seed coat.
Species that benefit from this treatment are:- Burnet, Salad; Clovers; Crane's-bills; Liquorice Wild; Medic Black; Melilots; rock Rose; Restharrows; Trefoils; Vetches and other members of the pea family.

Stratification :- A number of seeds have to be subjected to a period of cold during winter before germination takes place in the spring. You can provide the period of cold by adding the seed to damp sand and putting it in a plastic bag in the fridge for 6-8 weeks. Or sow them in a cold frame in the autumn.
Species that benefit from this technique are :- Bellflower clustered, Bluebell, Burnet-Saxifrage, Carrot Wild, Cowslip, Honeysuckle, Lords & Ladies, Mignonette, Ramsons, oxlip, Primrose, Violets, Weld and all Sedges.

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