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Cabbage seeds
(Brassica oleracea)
seeds thinly 1cm deep, thin to 15cm apart and transplant when 7.5cm high to a spacing of 60cm. Early sowings can be made indoors

Salad Cabbage

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Cabbage Kalibos ideal for growing as greens and hearted cabbages. Best used raw as a salad cabbage, the distinctive colour

Cabbage seeds Kalibos
A new pointed cabbage variety with distinctive red leaves. Suited for growing as greens and hearted cabbages. Best used raw as a salad cabbage, the distinctive colour makes it ideal for the salad bowl. (Leaves do not hold colour or structure when cooked.) Best sown for late summer and autumn harvest.
Sow:- Sow Spring Harvest from late summer

1.65 Av 200 seeds






Cabbage Cabbice
Shredding cabbage, salad cabbage. Pale green heads 1-2kg in size. Thick crunchy leaves with a very mild super sweet flavour making them ideal for shredding, using as a wrap or raw in salads. 90-100 days Sow March to April harvest from September to November.

1.65 Av 30 seeds


Cabbage Redruth

Cabbage Redruth
Red pointed hybrid cabbage, good yields with a clean base, ideal for hearted and greens use can be harvested June to October

1.90 Av 50 seeds


Cabbage Storka F1

Cabbage Storka
A white F1 ballhead cabbage that is excellent for storing. Large quality heads 1-3kgs matures in approx 130 days. Professional grade treated seed.
Sow March to May,  Harvest late September to early December

1.35 Av 30 seeds


Cabbage Winnigstatd

Cabbage Winnigstatd
An old favourite, solid pointed hearts of grey green colour, sweet flavour, few outer leaves. Crops well in most situations. Late Summer or Autumn Crop for Greens or hearted.
Sow April to May  Harvest  September to November

1.50 Av 250 seeds




Cabbage Sherwood F1

Cabbage seeds Sherwood
A late summer and early autumn F1 ballhead variety, producing round cabbages with attractive dark green colour. Solid heart with short core. Very sweet taste, making it suitable for use as a salad cabbage. Good standing ability. Typically produces 1Kg heads.
Sow:- Sow April to June Harvest  September

1.25 Av 50 seeds




Cabbage seeds Primo

Cabbage seeds Primo II
A well known variety Cabbage Primo II produces compact plants with early and solid ballheads. Can be grown at a higher density.
Sow:- Sow early Spring Harvest from July to end September.

1.40 Av 300 seeds



Cabbage seeds Derby Day

Cabbage Derby Day
Early maturing  ball head summer cabbage. Good resistance to bolting, round, medium sized heads.
Sow:- Feb-early April Harvest July-August. RHS Award of Garden Merit

0.95 Av 50 seeds




Cabbage seeds Greyhound Pointed. A very quick growing pointed summer cabbage for early cropping. Also suitable for late autumn cutting from a July sowing

Cabbage Greyhound
Pointed. A very quick growing pointed summer cabbage for early cropping. Also suitable for late autumn cutting from a July sowing.
Sow:- Feb-June Plant out March-June Harvest June-October. RHS Award of Garden Merit

1.20 Av 500 seeds




Cabbage Mozart seeds

Cabbage F1 Mozart
Summer & Autumn Cabbage 85-95 day. 
Very dense heads of dark green outer colour , with outstanding hold ability. Ideal for close planting for baby veg up to 1kg heads. Excellent resistance to bolting.
Sow:- Feb-May Early sowings indoors, Plant out March-May Harvest July-October.

1.65 Av 50 seeds



Winter Cabbages

Cabbage Jewel Winter F1
Winter cabbage, Spring greens. An excellent hybrid pointed cabbage ideal for overwinter production of greens. Very compact variety, slow to heart. Recommended for April to June harvest but can be used in other seasons, sow mid June to late August. Smooth dark green heads with a high tolerance to bolting. Suitable for greens, spring cutting and summer cutting.

1.55 Av 50 seeds



Cabbage Robin

Cabbage Robin
Winter cabbage
One of the earliest January King hybrids available, matures early October to February. Produces solid medium sized heads with a distinctive purple colouring. Sow April to mid June Harvest October to February

1.45 Av 50 seeds



Cabbage Marabel

Cabbage Marabel
Winter cabbage
A high yielding January King type producing large dense heads with good standing ability. Sow middle April to early June harvesting November to February. Marabel keeps its distinctive red and green colour when cooked.

1.45 Av 50 seeds



Cabbage Highland

Cabbage Highland
Winter cabbage
Hybrid winter cabbage that matures 2-4 weeks earlier than Tundra. Good holding ability and tolerance to early frosts. Mid to late 120-130 day variety. Available in professional treated seed only. Sow April to May harvest from September to early December.

1.65 Av 40 seeds





Cabbage Noelle
Winter cabbage
A hybrid January King type, deep purple colour to leaves with good weight to head, good standing ability. Sow April to early June,  Harvest October to February

0.85 Av 30 seeds



 Cabbage seeds January King Special

Cabbage January King Special
Winter Cabbage.
The best stock of this type available. Very uniform and compact.
Sow spring harvest November to March

0.90 Av 100 seeds




Winter Cabbage F1 Tundra

Cabage Tundra
Winter cabbage
A F1 winter cabbage with a tremendous reputation for uniformity, reliability and very long field standing ability. Its winter hardiness allows tundra to be harvested to the end of the cabbage season from late sowings while continuity can be achieved by sowing early as well.
Sow:- April to early June Plant out May-June Harvest October onwards. RHS Award of Garden merit

1.95 Av 50 seeds




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English Sage is a good companion plant for cabbage and carrot.

Sage English   Perennial Evergreen Culinary herb
Salvia officinalis
Sage English has grey green slightly hairy leaf with strong flavour, used in stuffing's and many culinary forms. magical powers of sage include immortality, protection, longevity, wishes and wisdom. Sage should be cut back after flowering to avoid leggy plants. English Sage is a good companion plant for cabbage and carrot. Popular Baby Leaf Herb added to mixed salad leaf

1.25 Av 70 seeds



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The cultural information should be used as a guide only, I have found a number of different sowing techniques for the same seed from different sources there does not seem to be a standard. With this in mind you should use this website as a guide only, you probably already have a tried and tested way of sowing different seeds. As a rule of thumb the larger the seed size the more cover it requires, and fine seed like Lobelia Begonia etc requires no cover.

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