Vegetable seeds Tomatillo - Watercress to Wonderberry
Vegetable seeds Tomatillo Dr Wyches Yellow, De Milpa, verde and Tomatillo Purple, Turnip Atlantic, Snowball, Market Express, Purple Top Milan, Watercress, Wonderberry seeds

Tree tomato or Tamarillo Cyphomandra betacea
Exotic Peruvian fruit, sow March to April lightly covering seeds with compost or vermiculite. Germinate at 30 Centigrade day and 20 C night temperature do not let compost dry out. Germination can be slow and erratic, takes approx 35 days. Grow in large pots or containers indoors under glass or outdoors in warmer areas after all risk of frost has passed.

Tamarillo Tree Tomato


Tamarillo Tree Tomato
Cyphomandra betacea
Exotic tangy egg shaped fruits up to 5cm long that are packed with vitamins and minerals. The Tree Tomato skin has a bitter taste. The juicy Tamarillo fruits can be sliced and eaten raw, just scoop out the delicious flesh or puree the fruits. Germination slow and erratic 4 + weeks. Use as a vegetable in salads, add to stews or casseroles, added to desserts and jams. Remove the skin and soak in honey for a great breakfast or snack. Height up to 3m

1.45 Av 15 seeds






Looking for something unusual to grow!
Tomatillo is becoming very popular, it is easy to grow, heavy cropping, fruits are used in salsa and Mexican cuisine. Tomatillo is grown the same way as tomato and prefers warm growing conditions, they can be grown outdoors in a warm sheltered spot after hardening off but will prefer the warmth of a greenhouse (Images show tomatillo grown outdoors against greenhouse in grow bags). Fruits are about the size of a large cherry tomato and are covered in a thin paper husk. Tomatillo is not self-fertile you must have a minimum of 2 plants to get fruits. Sow February to April Harvest August to September



Dr Wyches Yellow Tomatillo
Physalis philadelphica
Round yellow fruits, heavy cropping plants. The fruits are covered with a papery husk, Not as sharp as some Tomatillo and is great for eating fresh, in salsas or chilli verde. 90 days

1.95 Av 25 seeds




omatillo Purple from Nickys Seeds

Tomatillo Purple fruits



Tomatillo Purple
Grown for their husk enclosed fruits. Purple fruited variety. Papery husk tinged and veined purple fruits ripen green to purple.

0.89 Av 50 seeds





Tomatillo De Milpa
Physalis ixocarpa
Heirloom. Round fruits store fresh for several weeks in baskets, or with the husks pulled back and strung like garlic, handy for fresh salsa. Fruits blush with purple after harvest.

0.89 Av 20 seeds




Tomatillo Verde from Nickys Seeds

Tomatillo Verde Fruits showing one fruit cut open


Tomatillo Verde
Grown for their husk enclosed fruits. Pick fruits when green, over ripe if yellow, easy to grow heavy cropping variety excellent raw or cooked in salads, salsa, Mexican dishes or Chutneys.

0.89 Av 100 seeds








(Brassica rapa)
Sow spring to summer in succession to provide continual crop of young turnips, Turnip greens can be harvested spring onwards. Sow 1cm deep in drills, thin seedlings to 10-15cm apart. 30cm between rows. Keep well watered. Sow late winter to early spring for summer crops. Sow mid summer to late summer for autumn and winter crops. Sow Late summer for Turnip greens leave 10cm between rows do not thin

Turnip Falko



Turnip Falko
Round shaped hybrid Milan type with purple top and white base. Falko is smooth skinned with a high heat tolerance. Suitable for early protected sowings. Maturity is approx 55 days from sowing.

1.15 Av 250 seeds



Turnip Tokyo Cross F1



Turnip Tokyo Cross
Tokyo Cross is a Hybrid which is quick to mature, a pure white variety, sowing to harvest is approx 35-60 days depending on size of root required. Can be harvested from baby veg stage at 5cm up to 15cm. Roots are globe shade and pure white with a smooth texture to the skin and flesh, sweet enough to use at baby vegetable stage in salads, leaves can be used steamed.

1.65 Av 350 seeds



Turnip Snowball seeds

Turnip Snowball
Early maturing sweet flavoured tender variety with skin and flesh both golden yellow. Can also be autumn sown.

1.25 Av 1,700 seeds




Vegetable Turnip Atlantic F1 seeds

Turnip Atlantic
A F1 purple top milan type which is improved and suited to baby vegetable production having a much longer sowing and harvesting period. It can be harvested from golf ball size and is ideal for all year round production when grown under cover during winter. Baby veg. Sow from April to August and harvest June to October space/thin plants to approximately 3cm apart. RHS Award of Garden Merit

1.25 Av 500 seeds




Turnip Purple Top Milan seeds

Turnip Purple Top Milan
A purple top variety with white base below soil level. Very popular for fresh sales, good quality roots.

1.25 Av 2,000 seeds





Watercress       Hardy perennial Culinary herb
Medicinal and culinary herb.
Rich in vitamin A, C, and D. Watercress has a spicy taste the leaves are added to salads. Can be cultivated in the garden or in pots or punnets indoors all year round, must be kept very moist, pots or punnets can be stood in water, the water being changed daily. Outdoors broadcast sow spring when ground has warmed up onto shady moist soil, keep moist. Watercress is an excellent addition to mixed salad leaf for the salad bowl. Harvest at any stage from micro or baby leaf to mature leaf from June through to winter if crop is protected. Popular Micro Greens.

1.25 Small pkt 1,000 seeds

2.75 Small pkt 3,000 seeds



Wonderberry or Sunberry
Solanum burbankii
A garden fruit developed from the Huckleberry but with a superior taste. Ideal for growing in containers in the greenhouse, patio or conservatory or direct in the garden. The plants are loaded with small, sweet blackcurrant like fruits. Eat them direct from the plant or cooked where they are ideal for jelly, jam, pies or preserves. Fruits should not be eaten at the green stage but left to ripen to a dull black colour. 75 days, may require canes or staking. Surface sow or lightly cover, keep warm, germination can take up to 40 days. Plant out after last frosts in a warm sheltered area or grow in greenhouse.

1.10 Av 30 seeds





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The cultural information should be used as a guide only, I have found a number of different sowing techniques for the same seed from different sources there does not seem to be a standard. With this in mind you should use this website as a guide only, you probably already have a tried and tested way of sowing different seeds. As a rule of thumb the larger the seed size the more cover it requires, and fine seed like Lobelia Begonia etc requires no cover.

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