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Super Marmande

Tomato Seeds and Heirloom Tomatoes seeds
lycopersicon lycopersicum
Nickys Nursery the specialist tomato seed company- Grow your own tomatoes from seed, they are easy to grow from seed and there are some tomatoes that are small enough to grow on a windwsill. Sow seeds from late winter to early spring, approx 8 weeks before last frosts in your area sow at 20C just covering seed. Transplanting into heated greenhouse planting up in mid February, cool greenhouse plant up mid spring, outdoors early June after all risk of frost has passed. Transplant at 2 pairs of leaves to 7cm pots. Grow on and transplant into greenhouse border/pots or growbags. Sow tomato seed for outdoor tomato in March-April transplant to 7cm pots and grow on, planting out after last frost. Feed after first truss has set and pinch out side shoots on indeterminate plants (cordon). Grow in greenhouse, plastic tunnel or outdoors in warm areas

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Outdoor cropping, Patio and protected Tomatoes

Tomato seeds - best seller seed collection

Black Krim
Ailsa Craig 20 seeds
Gardeners Delight
Pink Brandywine
Purple Russian
Red Berry
Yellow Stuffer

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9 individual tomato packets at less than 1 a pkt
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Tomato Taste Trials
Seed for Many of the Varieties in the Mini plum and cherry tomato taste trials featured in the RHS magazine
1st      Floridity    
2nd   Snowberry
3rd        Chiquita
Brown Berry (Chocodel)

Golden Gem
Tumbling Tom Red
Garden Pearl

Classic seed Collection 1
Vintage Wine
Green Zebra
Brown Berry
Orange Berry
Summer Cider
Garden Peach

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Classic seed Collection 2
Bloody Butcher
Green Sausage
Pink Brandywine
Striped Stuffer
Christmas Grapes
Yellow Stuffer
Lemon Tree

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Tomato seeds Ailsa Craig

Tomato seeds Ailsa Craig
A popular variety famous for its flavour. Medium sized tomatoes. Grow indoor or out outdoor. Indeterminate (cordon)

0.80 Av  20 seeds

1.80 Av  60 seeds



Tomato seed Albenga F1


Tomato seeds Albenga
Ox heart hybrid variety producing orange to red tomatoes up to 200g in weight. A meaty beefsteak tomato with a superb flavour easy to grow from seeds. Tomato Albenga is ideal for Mediterranean style cooking. Indeterminate. Pelleted seeds

1.75 Av  10 seeds




Tomato seed Alicante


Tomato seeds Alicante
A popular variety. Maturing early and a heavy cropper of greenback-free tomatoes. Grows well in soil or growing bags. Indeterminate (cordon). RHS Award of Garden Merit

0.85 Av  25 seeds


Tomato seeds Ananas Noire or Black Pineapple

Tomato Ananas Noire or Black Pineapple
Tomato Annas Noire or Black Pineapple a multi coloured striped fruit weighs over 1lbs they have superb flavour that is both sweet and Smokey with a hint of citrus, heavy yielding plants, tomatoes are easy to grow from seed.

1.75 Av 10 seeds




Tomato seed Applause

Tomato seed Applause
Tomato Applause 66 days to maturity. Early maturing hybrid, compact plant producing large red tomatoes with a fresh delicious flavour. (determinate)

2.35 Av 10 seeds



Tomato Apricot Dreams


Tomato Apricot Dreams
Lycopersicon esculentum
An F1 indeterminate variety with masses of very sweet fruit in a delightful apricot/orange colour.
Apricot Dream will produce 20-30 fruit per truss with a very high sugar content giving a candy-like sweetness! Indeterminate but with a controlled habit making it very useable in a patio container. 75 days spread of 60cm

1.25 Av 10 seeds



Tomato Aunt Ruby's German Green Cherry


Tomato Aunt Ruby's German Green Cherry Tomato
A wonderfully flavourful and unique green cherry tomato that was selected from the renown Aunt Ruby's German Green. Fruits are shaped like beefsteak tomatoes and have the full-sized sweet tomato flavour.

1.55 Av 20 seeds




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The tomatoes cultural information should be used as a guide only, I have found a number of different sowing techniques for the same seed from different sources there does not seem to be a standard. With this in mind you should use this website as a guide only, you probably already have a tried and tested way of sowing different seeds.


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