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Vegetables Endive, Fennel, Green Manure, Huckleberry, Kohl Rabi

(Cichorium endivia)
See Also Chicory

Sow March-June thinly in shallow drills, sow in succession, 30cm between drills thin to 30cm between plants. Harvest July to October
Ideal mixed with other salad leaves, cooked or added to soup. There are 2 types of Endive Frisee with frilly leaves and Escarole with broad leaves.

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Endive Blond Full Heart  
A popular European Endive of the escarole type. Elongated broad leaves with a yellow heart, a delicate taste, crisp and juicy with excellent colour. Ideal on its own in a salad or added to a salad leaf mixture.

0.79 Av 700 seeds



Endive Tres Fine Maraichere

Endive Tres Fine Maraichere
A spring and summer variety producing small, compact very frizzy heads.

0.85 Av 100 seeds





Florence Fennel
(Foeniculum vulgare)


Hardy perennial grown for its anise flavoured bulbous root use very much the same as you would celery, a very decorative plant.
Sow thinly 1cm deep April to July, germinates at 10-30C spacing plants 20-30cm apart with 60cm between rows.

Fennel Florence Mixed

Fennel Florence Mixed
A good mix of non hybrid medium to tall varieties with erect foliage. All produce round white bulbs with thick crispy scales and excellent flavour. A succession of cropping from Sept onwards can be achieved if sown late June to early July. Tolerant of short frosts down to -5C.
0.5 gram pkt av 125 Seeds

0.95 Av 0.5 gram


Fennel Zefa Fino
A high quality variety developed in Switzerland. Fennel Zefa Fino produces bulbs of a good size. Resistant to bolting, ideal for summer and autumn production. Sow March to May. RHS Award of Garden Merit

1.40 Av 250 seeds



Fennel Rondo

Fennel Rondo
A quick growing early hybrid variety, fennel rondo produces uniform, good round shaped bulbs. Matures approximately 75 days after transplanting

2.15 Av 50 seeds




  Fennel Romanesco
Harvest leaves in June, bulbs from September. Fennel romanesco annual herb for the outdoor plot. Big round bulbs weighing between 500g and 1kg. High bolting resistance and best grown for late cropping. The whole plant may be used; the leaves for flavouring, (especially fish dishes) and the bulb raw in salads or braised as a vegetable. Fennel should not be transplanted.

1.45 Av 175 seeds



Green Manures

Green manure is used to improve the soil fertility, increases the humus content, help to keep down weeds, loosen the soil, a covering for ground when not in use. Ideal to use when ground is not used for a period of 6 weeks or more or used in crop rotation. Large selection of green manure seeds.

Green manure Winter Field Bean  
250g pkt covers approx 10sqm
Sow September to late November for turning in spring prior to flowering, a green manure with deep roots that fix nitrogen, suited to most soil types especially heavy soils.

4.95 Av 250 gram

14.75 Av 1 kg




  Green manure Forage Rye
Sowing rate 17g per sq metre. Sow August to November for turning in early April to May, suited to most soil types. Green manure with a strong root system that is especially suitable to heavy soils.

3.05 Av 100 gram

9.95 Av 500 gram

16.75 Av 1 kg




  Green manure Winter Tares Jose  
A nitrogen fixing plant and good for weed control, for sowing July to  September for over-wintering or March to May. A green manure not recommended for acidic soils. Sowing rate 10 gram per square metre.

 4.95 Av 250 gram

 14.75 Av 1 kg




  Green manure General Mix
A mixture of varieties designed to provide a short term green manure mix for use throughout the year. Mix consists of Rye, Minerva Maple Peas and English Early Common Vetch. Sow at 1Kg / 330sqm.

 5.05 Av 250 gram

15.50 Av 1 kg




  Green manure Winter Mix
A mix of varieties tailored for use in the winter. Mixture of green manures includes Crimson Clover, Broad Leaf Red Clover and White Tilney Mustard

 5.25 Av 250 gram

 16.50 Av 1 kg



  Green manure Spring Mix
A mix of green manure products tailored for use in the spring. Mix includes English Early Common Vetch and White Tilney Mustard. Sow at 1Kg / 330 sqm

 5.05 Av 250 gram

 15.50 Av 1 kg



  Green manure Forage Pea Magnus
A nitrogen fixing plant up to 1m tall ideal for green manure, sow September to November for over-wintering. Can be spring sown.
Sowing - space seeds 5-7.5cm apart and drill at 7cm deep in rows 15-20cm apart.

  3.05 Av 100 gram

9.95 Av 500 gram

16.75 Av 1 kg



Green manure Clover Crimson

Green manure Clover Crimson
Trifolium incarnatum
Green manure clover crimson, large crimson flowers that are really spectacular and loved by the bees. It is a shame to turn the plants in before they flower.
Fixes Nitrogen, vigorous growth, Sow March to August if over wintering sow July to August. Broadcast sow rate 3 gram/sq m. Turn in before flowering.

2.65 Av 40 gram

  16.25 Av 500 gram




  Green manure Clover Red
Trifolium pratense
This UK native green manure variety, Essex Broad, provides excellent nitrogen fixation performance. Best on good loams. Sow April-August. Sow at 3.5 gram/sqm.

 2.65 Av 40 gram

 16.25 Av 500 gram



  Green manure Clover White Mix
Trifolium repens Perennial
Treat as Annual
A blend of broad, small and medium white clover varieties, providing a long growth period and good regeneration rate, excellent for growing green manure. Sow April-August. Sow up to 2 g/sqm

2.65 Av 40 gram

16.25 Av 500 gram




  Green manure Fenugreek
Hardy annual Culinary herb
Leaf and seed is used. An ingredient in curry powder. Seed is cooked or sprouted and eaten raw having quite a strong spicy flavour, also used in pickles and spice mixes. Can be soaked for 12 hours in warm water and then allowed to sprout for 3 - 5 days they can then be used in salads or cooked. Roasted seed used as a coffee substitute. Also a good green manure crop. 40g approx 3,200 seeds
Sow March to August, sowing rate 250 grams per 55 sq m, turn in before flowering.

 1.95 Av 40 gram

14.50 Av 500 gram

 22.00 Av 1 kg




  Green manure Mustard White Tilney
Sinapsis Alba
Green manure. A quality Mustard variety which develops a high level of green matter and residual fibre. For sowing early March-September at 3g/sqm. Quick growing, to a height of 60-90cm, good standing ability. Turn in before flowering.

2.85 Av 40 gram

16.25 Av 500 gram




Green manure Phacelia

Green manure Phacelia
Phacelia tanacetifolia 50g pkt  Av 23,000 seeds
Green manure with beautiful mauve flowers, very attractive plant with fern like foliage and masses of flowers, loved by the bees.
Quite dense foliage, takes approx 8 weeks to flower during growing season, Sow March to September, Broadcast sow, rate 3 grams/sq m. Turn in before flowers open.

2.95 Av 40 gram

15.50 Av 500 gram

23.50 Av 1 kg





Chichiquelite Huckleberry
Solanum nigrum
Huckleberry have sweet purple berries are great fresh or cooked. They are much like Wonderberry but are larger in size and give heavier yields. Very easy cultivation taste similar to blueberry, grow just like pepper plants, just 75 days to harvest.

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Jicama (Yam Bean)
Pachyrhizus erosus

Jicama - Yam Bean
Tropical vines produce turnip-shaped tubers with a sweet white flesh. Best eaten raw, but is cooked also. Has low starch and calories. Produces largest tubers in tropical areas, but will produce equally tasty, smaller tubers in more temperate areas with a 4-5 month growing season. Start indoors 6-8 weeks before outdoor planting time

3.65 Av 10 seeds



Kale see Borecole


Kohl Rabi
Kohl Rabi, Kohlrabi; An interesting vegetable well worth growing, a real delicacy, can be eaten raw or cooked, it grows on top of the ground making it easy to cultivate and harvest.


  Kohl Rabi Logo
baby veg.
Pale green edible roots that can be harvested from quite a small size. Bolt resistant variety producing flat round tender bulbs. Sow from February to July early sowings raise indoors. A spring to autumn vegetable for the outdoor garden. Baby veg grow at closer density and harvest while young.

1.75 Av 75 seeds



 Kohl Rabi Korfu

Kohl Rabi Korfu
A very versatile F1 green-skinned variety it can also be produced under glass for extra early sowings. Very little pithy tissue, flat round bulbs, slow bolting quick to mature . Under glass Sow January to August for harvesting mid March to November. Outdoors sow March to August for harvesting May to October. For normal size veg space 10x40cm, ideally suited to high density sowing for baby veg, space plants 3 cm apart.

1.75 Av 50 seeds



Kohl Rabi Delicacy White

Kohl Rabi Delicacy White
Much improved over the previous Vienna varieties, pale green semi globe roots with a crisp white flesh.

0.69 Av 250 seeds



Kohl Rabi Delicacy Purple

Kohl Rabi Delicacy Purple
A little later to mature than the white variety but slightly more tender and stronger flavoured.

0.69 Av 250 seeds





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The cultural information should be used as a guide only, I have found a number of different sowing techniques for the same seed from different sources there does not seem to be a standard. With this in mind you should use this website as a guide only, you probably already have a tried and tested way of sowing different seeds. As a rule of thumb the larger the seed size the more cover it requires, and fine seed like Lobelia Begonia etc requires no cover.

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