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Cichorium intybus
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Chicory Variegata di Castelfranco
Cichorium intybus
An unusual coloured creamy green, blotched with red, leaved chicory. Cicoria (chicory) Variegata di Castelfranco the colour is enhanced with cooler growing temperatures, a late maturing variety with good winter hardiness. Ideal for salads, can be sown under glass all year round for salad leaves. Sow indoors February to April, outdoors sow May to August.

0.95 Av 200 seeds


Cichorium intybus

Chicory Pain De Sucre
A crisp tender Chicory with a superb flavour, does not need forcing. Can be harvested young after approx 4 weeks or left to mature for whole head cutting. The top Chicory in tasting trials by the RHS. 1 gram approx 600 seeds.

0.95 Av 1 gram pkt


Chicory Palla Rossa

Chicory Palla Rossa
A nice crisp Chicory with a sweet flavour and only slightly bitter. Firm hearty heads with red leaves and white ribs. RHS Award of Garden Merit.

0.95 Av 500 seeds


Chicory Brussels Whitloof seeds

Chicory Brussels Witloof
A traditional forcing variety with large, thick-stemmed leaves; stalks and leaves are used for salads when blanched.

0.95 Av 500 seeds


  Herb Chicory    Perennial Culinary herb
Chicorium intybus
Hgt 30-120 cm   Chicory flowers July to October
Bright blue flowers that close after midday. Often cultivated for medicinal purposes and also used as a vegetable or coffee substitute. Habitat waste land and field margins. Excellent food for tortoise. Approx 600 seeds per gram

Av 1 gram pkt

6.50 Av 10 gram pkt



Radicchio Leonardo

Radicchio Leonardo
Produces large round red heads with green outer leaves that can be harvested between July and Nov, has good storage potential and some tip burn resistance.

1.45 Av 30 seeds



Chinese Cabbage
(Brassica pekinensis)
Sow 6mm deep in seed compost February-July harvest June-November. Direct sow in driils April on thin to 20cm apart.

Pak Choi see Oriental Vegetable Seeds

Chinese Cabbage Preduro


Chinese Cabbage Preduro F1
A fast developing hybrid variety producing dark green cylindrical shaped heads with a good weight. Good resistance to bolting and intermediate resistance to clubroot. Ideal for early planting. Can be harvested 55 days after transplanting.

1.55 Av 100 seeds



Chinese Cabbage Enduro


Chinese Cabbage Enduro F1
A hybrid Chinese cabbage that produces cylindrical shaped heads with a dark green colour and is ideal for late cropping. Enduro has intermediate resistance to clubroot. Can be harvested approx 65 days from transplanting.

1.10 Av 100 seeds




Chinese Cabbage Wa Wa Sai F1
Baby veg Chinese cabbage Wa Wa Sai, very tender with a lovely sweet flavour, ideal for soups, stir fries and salads. Head weight from spring or autumn sowing 300-500g, matures in 60 days from transplanting. space 20x30cm.  Grow at close spacing for baby leaf. treated seed for improved seedling growth.

1.85 Av 100 seeds




Chinese Cabbage Michihli
Tall well blanched heads of sweet crisp, mild and tasty light green leaves, very tender, use raw, steamed or stir-fry.

1.25 Av 400 seeds



Chinese Cabbage F1 Questar

Chinese Cabbage Questar
A F1 Chinese cabbage with a medium-large frame and dark green outer leaves, firm well wrapped heads are elongated and weigh up to 1.5kg. Chinese cabbage Questar is a variety that is slow to bolt and can be harvested in approx 65 days after sowing.

1.45 Av 100 Seeds



Chinese Cabbage Yukina Savoy
In appearance a savoy leaved Tatsoi. Baby veg. Dark green thick glossy leaves excellent for baby leaf and mature plants. Young baby leaves are excellent for salad leaf mixtures and stir fry. Oriental vegetablean that can be cropped most of the year.

0.99 Av  250 seeds



Chinese Cabbage
Wong Bok Cabbage (Mandarin)

Brassica pekinensis - pai-tsai, wong bok, won bok, nappa
Large oval heads, excellent quality, very tender, productive Mandarin heirloom. Excellent in stir fries and braised dishes.

0.89 Av 200 seeds



Chinese / Oriental Greens

Green Lance  F1
47 days
Flower Bud Type, gai lohn, pak kah nah
Budding type Chinese Kale excellent in stir fries or cooked the same as broccoli. Stalks are best harvested when 2-3 buds are open and 20cm tall. Once cut the plant will become multi branching for the next harvest. Sow early spring to mid summer.

1.65 Av 125 seeds




Oriental Veg Green Lance F1 seeds


Tokyo Bekana
21 days baby leaf   45 days mature
Recommended for thick sowing and harvest of deliciously sweet, tender-crispy, baby leaves that add a whole new dimension to salad mixes. Bright, light green leaves are curly and ruffled.
Re grows for multiple cuttings. Excellent for baby leaf year-round with winter protection. At full size, tender ruffled leaves on narrow white petioles can be bunched like Vitamin Green.

1.75 Av 250 seeds



Tokyo Bekana excellent new salad leaf





Shungiku Greens
21 days baby 45 days mature
Chrysanthemum coronarium
A named variety of Chop Suey Greens, Aromatic Asian Greens. Cut greens when about 4-8" tall for a flavourful addition to salads, vegetables, pickles, and sushi. Plant more thickly than other greens. Small orange and yellow chrysanthemum flowers appear later on un harvested plants. This is the preferred "fine" or "small" leaf strain.

1.25 Av 600 seeds




Shungiku Greens



Chives Gigantic

Chives Gigantic     Perennial Culinary herb
Allium schoenoprasum
As the name suggests giant chives grow up to 60cm tall (spread 30cm) double the size of normal garden chives, larger than life plant that produce lovely white flowers that would like good on its own or in any mixed container, pots or garden border. Broad  long useable green stem which produces a large white flower dome at the tip.  The flavour is similar to garlic and is popular in Asian cuisine, 14-16 weeks from sowing to finished plants (10cm green leaved)

1.65 Av  50 seeds


Chives    Perennial
Allium schoenoprasum
Chives is one of the most commonly used Culinary herb. Mild onion flavour. Used in salads soups, egg and cheese dishes, fresh seasoning for garnishes. Sow Chive seeds for Micro Greens & Baby Leaf Herbs. Cut back frequently, purple flowers.
Used to ward off aphids, mites, carrot fly and help prevent black spot on roses as a companion plant.
Av 750 seeds/gram

1.45 pkt Av 750 seeds


Garlic Chives

Garlic Chives   Chinese Medicinal Herb     Perennial Culinary herb
Allium tuberosum - Oriental Garlic
Garlic Chives have a mild garlic flavour, excellent for Micro Greens & Baby Leaf Herbs. Chop leaves finely and use in salads, sauces, soups and as garnish. White flowers.
Used to ward off aphids, mites, carrot fly

0.99 Av 100 seeds


Chinese Chives New Belt
Garlic Chives New Belt
Having thick flat leaves up to 10mm in width can be used green or blanched. Widely used in Chinese Cuisine.
Sown during spring the optimum germinating temperature is 20C, sown in seed trays/modules or plugs 1cm deep. Autumn sown seeds should be over wintered and planted out the following spring, they should be ready for their first harvest during late summer.
Prick plants out when large enough to handle and planted out where they are to grow 4-5 months later, in clumps of 8 or more plants 5cm deep and 20cm between plants. Sow direct in flat bottom drills 10cm wide 1cm deep thinly.

1.45 Av 160 seeds

2.10 for 2 x 160 seed packets


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