Vegetables Celeriac and Celery


Apium graveolens var. rapaceum

Sow late winter early spring under glass. Optimum germination temp 20C min 18C Sow in modules/pots, grow on and plant out after last frosts, space plants approx 30cm apart. Remove side shoots. summer onwards remove a few of the lower leaves, earth up the swollen stem. Keep well watered. Harvest early autumn onwards. Use raw shredded in salads, in stews or as a veg boiled or fried.

Celeriac Prague Giant



Celeriac Prague Giant
A well shaped smooth celeriac, with vigorous roots and upright foliage. Round relatively smooth skin with good inner quality.

1.35 Av 450 seeds


Celeriac Prinz


Celeriac Prinz
A top quality, light skinned variety with an excellent bolting resistance, Celeriac Prinz is ideal outdoor and for early harvest under glass, fleece, tunnels etc. RHS Award of Garden Merit

1.45 Av 50 seeds



(Apium graveolens)
Surface Sow at 13-16C glasshouse production sow Nov-March plant out in greenhouse April to May. Sow outdoor April-May Prick out into 7cm pots/boxes when 2 true leaves have developed. Harden off & Plant out late spring after last frost. Space plants 25cm apart in blocks keep well watered. When greenhouse grown can be cropped spring and autumn.

Celery Leaf Varieties
Excellent for Micro Greens & Baby Leaf Herbs for adding to mixed lettuce leaves

 Cutting Celery Leaf


Cutting Celery Leaf - Dark Green Soup
A dark green variety of cutting celery or soup celery. Excellent for Micro Greens & Baby Leaf Herbs

0.90 Av 1,000 seeds





Cutting Celery Leaf - Red Soup
A red variety of cutting celery or soup celery. Excellent for Micro Greens & Baby Leaf Herbs

0.90 Av 1,000 seeds




 Celery seeds Golden Self Blanching


Celery Golden Self Blanching
Yellow to green stalks which if block planted will self blanch. A very popular variety with crisp tasty stalks.

1.60 Av 1,000 seeds





Celery Tall Utah
A popular green Celery,  tall delicious, crisp, string less green celery. Tightly folded hearts and thick, well rounded long stalks.

  0.95 Av 500 seeds



 Celery F1 Victoria


Celery F1 Victoria
A UK hybrid and market leader. Celery Victoria has attractive mid-green colour tall stalks with fleshy petioles, slow to bolt. Self branching with an erect habit, crisp and succulent stalks and has one of the best flavours. RHS Award of Garden Merit

 1.75 Av 200 Seeds





Celery Celebrity seeds

Celery Celebrity
Glasshouse + Outdoor
Celebrity grows in a range of situations and gives consistent high yields. It is a self blanching variety with long standing ability. It holds well and is renowned for its excellent quality, High levels of bolt tolerance for glasshouse and early outdoor crops, traditional celery taste. Can be used for baby veg. Stem length 24-36cm
RHS Award of Garden merit

1.75 Av 500 Seeds



Celtuce AKA Stem lettuce, celery lettuce, wosun or Chinese lettuce.

Lactuca sativa angustana
Stem lettuce, celery lettuce, wosun or Chinese lettuce is grown mainly for the leaves and stem, the leaves can be used raw or cooked, having a slightly sweet flavour and more coarse than lettuce. Young leaves can be used in mixed salads. Stems are harvested when they reach 3-4cm in diameter, used raw or cooked they are crisp and juicy like lettuce, celery, artichoke or chard, best peeled before used, harvest stems prior to the plant flowering. prefers summer shade and well drained humus rich soils. A good companion plant for carrots, onions and strawberries. Sow seed March to June in situ thin to 30cm apart, best picked frequently. Sow when temperatures are below 20C

0.99 Av 600 seeds





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The cultural information should be used as a guide only, I have found a number of different sowing techniques for the same seed from different sources there does not seem to be a standard. With this in mind you should use this website as a guide only, you probably already have a tried and tested way of sowing different seeds. As a rule of thumb the larger the seed size the more cover it requires, and fine seed like Lobelia Begonia etc requires no cover.

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