Dwarf French Beans, Yard Long Beans, Soya & Wax Beans


Dwarf French Beans
(Phaseolus vulgaris)
Sow April to May onwards in situ, 5cm deep 22cm apart in staggered rows. Make successive sowings throughout the summer. Harvest August to October. Harvest August to October. For later crops seeds can be sown direct up to early July for harvests up to first frosts.  Can be sown 2 seeds next to each other and the weaker seedling removed. Keep well watered.
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Dwarf French Bean Sprite
A medium early, white seeded, pencil pooded variety. It produces light to medium green stringless beans 14cm long by 10mm. Resistant to BCMV. Larger quantity available please use contact form. Phaseolus vulgaris

2.50 Add to basket 50 grams

9.95 Add to basket 250 grams



Dwarf French Bean Capitano

Dwarf French Bean Capitano
A yellow flat podded Romano type, plants produces good yields of even set tasty beans approx 15cm in length and 2cm wide that are deal for slicing. Colour develops at early stage. Plant height approx 50cm. Phaseolus vulgaris

2.50 Add to basket 50 grams



Dwarf French Bean Purple Queen

Dwarf French Bean Purple Queen
Produces heavy yields of long dark purple round pods that are slightly curved, with a great flavour. Best picked when pods are young and tender to encourage a longer cropping period. Pods turn green when cooked.
50 gram approx 200 seeds.

2.50 Add to basket 50 grams



Dwarf French Bean Nautica

Plant height approx 50-60cm. A vigorous, black seeded variety producing high yields of very fine pencil pods, typically 13cm in length with a consistent size of 6-7mm. Plant height approx 50-60cm, pods have an excellent flavour. Medium to dark green colour, stringless. Early maturity. Good resistant to blight. Professional grade treated seed.
50 gram approx 350 seeds

2.50 Add to basket 50 grams




Dwarf French Bean Stanley

A white flowering, white seeded variety that reliably delivers impressive yields of top quality beans. Medium green pods, 14cm x 10mm in size. Early maturity. Suitable for early and late sowings. Good resistant to blight.
50 gram approx 250 seeds

2.50 Add to basket 50 grams




Dwarf French Bean Scylla

Pencil pod variety large 9.5mm diameter pods, 13cm long, very early to mature. Medium green colour pods for cutting or slicing, good disease resistance.
50 gram approx 250 seeds

2.50 Add to basket 50 grams





Borlotto Supremo Nano



Borlotto Supremo Nano
Dwarf Borlotto Bean
High quality very productive selection of dwarf borlotto beans. Produces pods up to 16cm in length and mainly red in colour. Each pod contains many kidney shaped cream coloured beans with red striping. Ideal for growing under plastic or outdoor. Professional grade treated seed. Average 70 seeds per 50g

2.85 Add to basket 50g



Dolichos Lab lab Ruby Moon

Dolichos Lab lab Ruby Moon 3m
Hyacinth Bean
Fast growing vine used for growing up fencing in sheltered places, arches, trellis or in patio containers. Beautiful scented pink to white bicoloured flowers on dark green to purple foliage and large dark purple pods.
Grow in any well drained soil in full sun (for the best crop of beans, water freely and fertilize with a liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks) support plants.

1.85 pkt approx 15 seeds


Climbing Beans
Yard Long Bean

Climbing Yard Long Bean

Climbing Bean Yard Long
Annual climbing bean, pod length up to 3ft normally eaten when pods reach 1ft (30cm). Ideal plant for the children to grow. Outdoors grow in a sheltered sunny spot ideally against a south facing wall or indoors under glass. Starts to flower and form pods after mid-summer. In cooler climates yard long beans can be grown in a conservatory or tunnels, great plant for the children to watch the pods grow. Space plants 15cm apart 60cm between rows, provide support. In cooler climates they are best picked when young and succulent, cut to 3-5cm in length for cooking. Pods may not reach a yard long in the cooler climate of the UK.  

Sow yard long beans early in the season in pots/modules and germinate at a minimum 15 deg C grow on under glass and plant out in warmer areas after last frosts, when plants reach approx 10cm.

1.95 Av 75 seeds


Wax Bean


Valdor Dwarf Wax Bean seeds


Wax Bean Valdor
High quality dwarf wax bean. Produces round attractive golden yellow pods 6-8mm in diameter and 12cm long. Slow growing, late cropping. Good upright plant habit and disease and blight resistance, 50cm high.
25 gram approx 150 seeds

1.95  Av 25 gram





Yin Yang Beans

Yin Yang Bean
Hgt 45cm Very productive compact bushy plants yielding black and white tasty beans when mature. Harvest young for fresh green beans or leave to mature and dry out to reveal the black and white bean.  Dried they can be used in stews, casseroles etc. Sow early May onwards.

2.95 Av 50 seeds



Soya Bean Elena

Soya Bean Elena
Edamame bean that has been bred for the UK climate. Flowers are self pollinating and plants are virtually pest and disease free.
Sow late April to mid June 4cm deep place in propagator @ 18-20C plant out after last frosts, or sow outdoors when the ground has warmed up 15cm apart 45cm between rows. Harvest August to November when leaves have fallen off plants, beans should be boiled before consumed.
20g Approx 120 seeds

1.35 Add to basket 20g

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The cultural information should be used as a guide only, I have found a number of different sowing techniques for the same seed from different sources there does not seem to be a standard. With this in mind you should use this website as a guide only, you probably already have a tried and tested way of sowing different seeds. As a rule of thumb the larger the seed size the more cover it requires, and fine seed like Lobelia Begonia etc requires no cover.

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