Vegetable Spring Onion seeds

Salad Onion - Spring Onion or Bunching Onion
(Allium cepa)
Sow thinly 6mm deep in drills 15cm apart every 3 weeks for a continuous supply throughout the growing season.
Seeds per gram 240-400

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 Salad Onion Eiffel



Salad Onion Eiffel
An improved white Lisbon salad onion with upright leaves with good disease tolerance. Eiffel is slow to bulb during the long days of summer. A versatile variety for spring and summer production it can be over wintered with protection.

1.05 Av 500 seeds





 Salad Onion Reddy



Salad Onion Reddy
A long day bunching variety that produces thick skinned deep red onions when grown as a salad onion.   Can be grown as a bulbing onion if sown with wider spacing.
1 gram approx 250 Seeds

1.05 Av 1 gram pkt





 Salad Onion 1062



Salad Onion 1062
High yielding uniform bunching onion. Good cold tolerance, suitable for both spring and autumn sowings. Upright habit with dark green foliage and pure white bulbs, excellent for salads or cooking.
1 gram approx 270 Seeds

1.05 Av 1 gram pkt




Salad Onion Savel seeds 



Salad Onion Savel
A real advance for salad onion production having a tall upright stem and attractive flavour. Sow Spring & Summer Harvest Summer & Autumn can be sown at close density  thinnings used as baby veg. Savel holds well without the normal problems of bulbing and with reduced crop damage at harvest. RHS Award of Garden Merit

1.35 Av 600 seeds




Salad Onion Purplette



Salad Onion Purplette
Early purple-red-skinned mini onion.
These flavourful specialty onions mature early and hold well pick early for salad onions, leave to mature for pickling. Purplette is a glossy rich burgundy, transforming to a nice pastel pink when cooked or pickled. Can be harvested at golf ball size or very young as baby bunching onions with purple pearl ends.

1.60 Av 500 seesd






Salad Onion Ramrod seeds



Salad Onion Ramrod
British bred white bulb variety with erect stiff leaves, make successional sowings from spring onwards for summer, autumn and spring crops. Winter hardy variety, over winter September sown seeds for harvest in the spring. RHS Award of Garden Merit

0.85 Av  200 seeds

1.20 Av  400 seeds






  Salad Onion  North Holland Red  Redmate


Salad Onion North Holland Blood Red Redmate
Very versatile bunching onion, useful not only as a salad onion but also as a bulbing onion type. Intense red colour makes it an interesting and tasty addition to the salad bowl.

0.89 Av  200 seeds






 Salad Onion Ishikura seeds


Salad Onion Ishikura
A vigorous Japanese bunching onion with excellent flavoured long slender white stalks and no bulbing. Sow from March to June, Harvest May to October. RHS Award of Garden Merit

1.55 Av 400 seeds






Paris Silverskin Salad / Pickling Onion

Paris Silverskin Salad / Pickling Onion
Excellent salad, cocktail or pickling onion, Paris Silverskin can be pulled young to use in salads as a slightly bulbing bunching onion or left to mature into small silverskin pickling onions (the standard pickling onion). Baby veg.
2 gram approx 550 seeds

1.55 Av 2 gram pkt





 Onion Borettana

Onion Borettana
Alium cepa
Popular Italian heirloom variety also known as Cipollini, used as a traditional pickling onion or great on a kebab.  Produces flat 5-8cm bulbs button shaped, with a yellow/brown skin and firm sweet flesh with excellent flavour. Storage ability is approx 3 months.
1 gram approx 250 Seeds

0.95 Av 1 gram pkt





Salad Onion Summer Isle seed

Salad Onion Summer Isle
Salad Onion Summer Isle, early maturing, sweet flavoured low pungency Japanese bunching onion. Strong bright green tops and long white shafts which are slender and practically bulbless. Make successional sowings from late winter onwards when the ground has warmed up harvest summer  into autumn. Great for salads and stir fries. RHS Award of Garden Merit

1.65 Av 350 seeds




 Salad Onion White Lisbon  seeds



Salad Onion White Lisbon
The traditional bulbing salad onion variety. Sow Spring, summer & autumn. Can be used as a companion plant to deter carrot fly. RHS Award of Garden Merit.

0.99 Av  500 seeds





Salad Onion Evergreen Hardy White seed



Salad Onion Evergreen Hardy White
The most winter-hardy bunching onion.
Sow in spring for summer use or sow in autumn for over wintering. Little or no bulbing. If your winters are severe, this is the one to grow. May be handled as a perennial by dividing the clumps the second summer to produce a new crop. Perfect addition to salads and stir fries.

0.85 Av  200 seeds






Salad Onion Winter Over



Salad Onion Winter Over
High yielding, dark green foliage, slightly larger bulbing than white lisbon. Good winter hardiness, ideal for early or late cropping. RHS Award of Garden Merit

1.45 Av 600 seeds





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