Vegetable Onion seeds

Shallot Seed
Sow thinly 1cm deep in drills 30 cm apart from early spring, thin to 8-10cm apart.

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Shallot F1 Matador
Allium cepa ascalonicum
Grow shallots from seed. A reddish brown F1 shallot Matador, very uniform with excellent skin and storage quality. Produces single shallots that mature a little later than sets but with the advantage of no risk of transferring virus or white rot. Sow thinly 1cm deep in drills 30cm apart. Sowing time from early spring when the ground has warmed up. Thin to 8 to 10cm apart.

2.25 Av 75 seeds



 Onion Borettana

Onion Borettana
Allium cepa
Popular Italian heirloom variety also known as Cipollini, used as a traditional pickling onion or great on a kebab.  Produces flat 5-8cm bulbs button shaped, with a yellow/brown skin and firm sweet flesh with excellent flavour. Storage ability is approx 3 months.
1 gram approx 250 Seeds

0.95 Av 1 gram pkt




Onion Bulbing
(Allium cepa)
Bulbing onions :- Sow Feb-April harvest September, sow August harvest June. Sow January in greenhouse or in seed drills 1cm deep in February or March. Thin to10cm apart and 22cm between rows. 


Onion Tosca
Elongated bulbs 14-17mm long weighing 150 grams. Attractive shiny light golden skin, main crop variety having good storage ability.

1.55 Av 200 seeds





Onion Ramata di Milano
Allium cepa
Cipolla (onion) Ramata Di Milano has straw brown skin and top tapering (like a spinning top), with crisp white flesh, ideal for storage throughout autumn and winter.

0.69 Av 100 seeds






Onion Proteus
Allium cepa
Very early hybrid variety producing slightly oval bulbs with thin necks, golden yellow thin-skinned with medium to long term storage ability. Very uniform bulbs in shape and size.

0.75 Av 250 seeds






Onion Kosma
A white bulbing variety producing high yields of medium globe shaped bulbs with a sweet flavour. Suitable for growing as bunching onion. Can be grown from spring and autumn sowings.
1 gram approx 250 Seeds

1.05 Av 1 gram pkt




Onion Ailsa Craig  Prizewinner

Onion Ailsa Craig  Prizewinner
Large globe exhibition variety. Outstanding quality and flavour.
Heavy cropper.

1.20 Av 250 seeds




Onion Sturon seeds

Onion Sturon       
Sow January to April harvest August onwards
Maincrop variety, produces flat to roundish, straw brown bulbs of outstanding quality and very long storage ability. A maincrop vegetable for the outdoor plot. Early sowings can be made indoors @ 14C planting out in April, Later sowings outdoors in situ. Onions require a fertile soil.

1.35 Adv 200 seeds





Onion Bedfordshire Champion

Onion Bedfordshire Champion
Standard maincrop Rijnsburger of excellent quality. Old English variety yielding large globes with Golden brown skin, good storage ability.

1.35 Av 500 seeds




Onion Rijnsburger 5 seeds

Onion Rijnsburger 5
A mid to late summer round onion with yellow brown, firm skin. This variety offers excellent quality, high yields and very good storage life.

1.10 Av 500 seeds




Onion Long De Florence Simane
Long de Florence Simane a red skinned variety which produces elongated pinky red bulbs with an outstanding sweet flavour. Continental variety very popular in Europe. Excellent for raw slicing on sandwiches or in salads.

0.85 Av 100 seeds




 Onion Red Piatta

Onion Red Piatta
A red version of Gold Coin. Small, purple-red, firm, flat onions store well. Skin dries to a warm orangey-red. Good purple-red colour in the rings.

1.00 Av 250 seeds





 Onion Kamal F1

Onion Kamal
A F1 variety Kamal produces attractive red, globe shaped bulbs. High yields. Good storage ability.

1.05 Av 200 seeds






 Onion Red Baron seeds

Onion Red Baron
Extensively grown throughout the UK for its deep 'blood red' colour with good skins and thin necks. RHS Award of Garden Merit

0.79 Av 75 seeds

1.25 Av 150 seeds





Overwintering Japanese Types


Onion Senshyu

Onion Senshyu
Yellow Globe. A very popular Japanese over wintering variety. Very reliable heavy yielding main crop variety producing semi-globe shaped bulbs of high quality. Suitable for baby veg.
Sow August, 50 plants per m. Harvest when 75% of leaf has fallen over.

0.95 Av 200 seeds



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Overwintering Japanese onion senshyu, Shallot Matador, Bulbing Walla Walla, Copra, Rijnsburger 5, Bristol, Utah Jumbo White, Bedfordshire Champion, Ailsa Craig, Red Piatta, Red Baron

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The cultural information should be used as a guide only, I have found a number of different sowing techniques for the same seed from different sources there does not seem to be a standard. With this in mind you should use this website as a guide only, you probably already have a tried and tested way of sowing different seeds. As a rule of thumb the larger the seed size the more cover it requires, and fine seed like Lobelia Begonia etc requires no cover.

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