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Butterhead, Oak Leaf & Winter

Lettuce seeds
(Lactuca sativa)

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Lettuce Seeds 700-1,000 per gram. Start sowing early spring making successional sowings until mid summer. Sow as thinly as possible in rows 30cm apart, thin out to 20-30cm apart. Earlier sowings can be made from early January under glass. Pick leaves young for baby salad leaf.  Salad leaf mixtures from supermarkets are expensive, pick your own from the garden and have fresh salad leaves, choose from the large selection below of Baby leaf, Cos, Continental leaf, Iceberg, Oak leaf. Add to this watercress, rocket, chevril, coriander, or chives for an excellent leaf salad.



Lettuce All Year Round



Lettuce All Year Round
Nice compact butterhead with crisp hearts over a long cropping period, slow to bolt. Sow March to August harvest April to October, could also be sown autumn to overwinter protected. 1 gram approx 850 seeds

0.95 Add to basket





Lettuce Clarion
A popular variety of good quality for cropping June to October. Sow under glass for early harvest. Nice shaped head with thick mid to dark green leaves. Good Mildew resistance.

1.45 Av 250 seeds


Lettuce Marvel of Four Seasons SEEDS  Also known as Merville de Quatre Saison



Lettuce Marvel of Four Seasons
Butterhead variety
Also known as Merville de Quatre Saison, Medium to large butterhead with round heads. A very hardy semi hearting lettuce having dark green leaves with brownish red tinge. Excellent flavour can be sown spring and autumn. 

1.25 Av 1,000 seeds



Lettuce Unicum seed

Lettuce Unicum
Butterhead variety
Large headed green with light purple/red tinge to outer leaves, serrated crunchy leaves. Successional sowings outdoors from March to June and September, indoors sow Feb to June.  Very good substitute for Lettuce Unico. Space 20cm apart.
1g approx 1,200 seeds

1.50 Av 1 gram pkt



Lettuce Tom Thumb
Butterhead variety     Baby Leaf
Very quick to mature baby veg with small solid heads, nice texture and excellent flavour. Early sowings under cover, Sow March to July Harvest young for baby salad leaf from summer through to autumn. Successional sowings are preferred as lettuces once mature will run to seed quickly

0.79 Av 500 seeds



Oak Leaf Lettuce

Lettuce Oak Leaf Cocarde seeds

Lettuce Cocarde
Attractive oak leaf variety with large upright heads, green with strong red tinges, very good salad qualities, and a tidy habit. RHS Award of Garden Merit

1.15 Av 500 seeds







Lettuce Fristina
Baby leaf
Green salad bowl type, curly leaf or oakleaf variety non hearting, excellent crunchy texture and flavour. A summer cropping variety that can be cut at either small heads (baby leaf) or large size heads. Heads need harvesting within 5 to 7 days once mature to prevent running to seed. Best sown as successional sowings for cut and come again. Sow Feb onwards under glass until ground has warmed up then direct sow to autumn, to overwinter sow late autumn under glass or cloches. Sowing during July & August should be prevented as the hot weather can prevent germination.

 1.35 Av 200 seeds






Lettuce Oak Leaf Green
Baby Leaf
Oak leaf variety of green lettuce ideal for cut and come again or baby leaf, forms loose heads of tasty green leaves.

1.25 Av 500 seeds





Lettuce Roselee
Baby Leaf
A vibrant deep red Italian style oakleaf, with thick leaves and a very good flavour.

1.05 Av 250 seeds


Lettuce Bridgemere seeds

Lettuce Bridgemere
Baby Leaf
 Fast growing bright green oak leaf variety with a good texture, taste and thick well lobed leaves. Good mildew resistance.

1.35 Av 300 seeds





Lettuce Ashbrook seeds

Lettuce Ashbrook
Baby Leaf
Light green upright well textured frilly oak leaf variety. Leaves are thick and waxy with shallow lobes. Ashbrook has a superb crunchy texture. In recent taste tests by a leading food chain Ashbrook was found to be incredibly well flavoured. Good mildew resistance.

1.35 Av 300 seeds




Winter Lettuce

Sow late August to mid November and late January onwards.

  Lettuce Rouge D Hiver
Winter lettuce    Baby Leaf
Heirloom, red romaine type from France, listed in Vilmorins Vegetable Garden Book from 1885, red tinted green leaves. Turns redder in cold weather, red winter lettuce also ideal for baby leaf harvested when young and tender. Sow Late summer for spring harvest. Sown spring for green leaved lettuce. 28 day baby leaf, 58 days to maturity

1.40 Av 500 seeds


  Winter Lettuce Valdor
Winter lettuce
Lettuce Valdor is considered to be one of the best winter hardy butterhead type lettuce. It has solid dark green heads can be cut spring from an autumn sowing. Grow outdoor with crop protection of cloche, fleece etc.

1.25 Av 750 seeds




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The cultural information should be used as a guide only, I have found a number of different sowing techniques for the same seed from different sources there does not seem to be a standard. With this in mind you should use this website as a guide only, you probably already have a tried and tested way of sowing different seeds. As a rule of thumb the larger the seed size the more cover it requires, and fine seed like Lobelia Begonia etc requires no cover.

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