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A large selection of chilli peppers for you to grow from seed including Sangria chilli pepper seeds, Santa Fe Grande, Serrano, super chilli, Variegata or Trifetti, Tepin, Thai Dragon, Thai Hot, Burapa, Denchai, Thai Little Red, Tabasco chilli seed packets plus many many more NEW chillies

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Ornamental Chilli Pepper Sangria

Sangria      25-30cm
Capsicum annuum
Compact rounded ornamental chilli plants that have child safe non pungent purple and red fruits.

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Santa Fe Grande

Santa Fe Grande
Chilli Peppers Santa fe Grand, height 60cm heavy cropping variety conical shaped thick walled fruits blunted at the end approx 5-7.5cm long, ripen from yellow through to red. Medium to hot chilli pepper.

0.95 Av 10 seeds




Serrano Del Sol
Capsicum annuum
A very hot small variety that produces fruits on small bushy plants with unusual hairy leaves. Chilli peppers are chopped and used in Salsa.

1.95 Av 25 seeds



Serrano Purple

Serrano Purple
Capsicum annuum.
Peppers are very hot and turn from green to deep purple to red when mature. They are great on their own or mixed with other Serrano varieties to use in salsa and hot pickles. 85 days

0.95 Av 10 seeds




Chilli pepper Shakira



Dark green fruits ripening to red, Shakira is an early variety that produces hot pointed chillies 15-20cm long with excellent shelf life. Prolific high yielding plants.

1.95 Av 10 seeds




Shishito Green F1 pepper seeds

C annuum
A unique sweet Japanese thin skinned pepper, small and finger long about 5 to 10cm, it produces small glossy fruits that should be picked green, they can be prepared by deep frying in tempura batter, grilled or fried. Just like the Padron chilli one in every ten may have some noticeable heat.

1.75 Av 10 seeds




C chacoense
Plants produce masses of hot 1cm long red fruits with a distinctive flavour. Ideal as an ornamental chilli, the fruits can be used fresh or dried.

1.55 Av 10 seeds





Super Chilli
Similar fruit size and shape to Thai Dragon but with a thin wall. Chilli fruits are upright setting. Ahybrid that ripens from light green to orange red. Can be used fresh, dry or pickled also ideal as an ornamental pot plant. 30-40,000+ Scovilles. RHS Award of Garden Merit
WHICH Magazine Ornamental Patio Chilli trial Best Buy for Looks and taste.

0.95 pkt Av 10 seeds





Sweet and Spicy
Capsicum annuum
Medium height pepper growing to 25-35 cm in height and has a bushy well branched habit. The fruits are cone shaped and about 7-9cm long, ripening from green to orange/red. The flavour is sweet but with a hint of spicy heat which makes them great for stir-fries or even in salads. Mild Chilli

1.95 Av 10 seeds




Chilli pepper Sweet Heat


Sweet Heat
Capsicum annuum
Compact and bushy plants the peppers are ready to harvest in approx 56 days from transplanting. Fruits are 8-10cm long, sweet and mildly spicy with a great smoky flavour. Ideal eaten raw or grilled, perfect for salads and salsa. Height 20-30cm plant spacing 30cm, Scoville 250-350 shu.

1.95 Av 10 seeds


Tabasco chilli pepper seeds

Capsicum frutescens
Chilli Peppers Tabasco small pointed upward growing chilli, high yields of very hot fiery peppers. Well known ingredient for the famous spicy sauce Tabasco. Chillies ripen yellow to green then to orange and red. Having a unique Smokey taste, easily dried, the pods are used in spicy Asian cooking and also for pickling. 30,000 - 50,000 Scoville 3-5cm length 7mm in diameter

1.65 Av 20 chilli seeds



Chilli Pepper seeds Thai Dragon F1

Thai Dragon
Chile Peppers F1 Thai Dragon, 3 inch long fiery red pointed very hot Thai chillies plant grows to a height of 140cm. Fruits are early and thin fleshed, heavy cropping up to 200 chillies per plant, widely used in Thai cooking. Green fruits, maturing to red up to 70 fruits per plant, use fresh or dried. Hang the whole plant or trusses upside down for air drying to use throughout the year. RHS Award of Garden Merit.
Approx 75,000-140,000 Scoville

1.65 Av 15 seeds



Tokyo Hot F1 pepper seeds

Tokyo Hot
Chilli Peppers
Tokyo Hot F1 Very prolific, pencil thin cayenne variety, producing extremely uniform dark green to red fruits. Having a sweet, spicy hot flavour. 20-30,000 Scovilles
12cm length 1-1.25 in diameter

1.60 Av 10 seeds




 Chili pepper Topaz

Chilli Peppers Topaz A great new hybrid chilli pepper to try with bright green fruits ripening to an attractive yellowish/orange at full maturity. Very pungent.

2.95 Av 25 seeds



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The cultural information should be used as a guide only, I have found a number of different sowing techniques for the same seed from different sources there does not seem to be a standard. With this in mind you should use this website as a guide only, you probably already have a tried and tested way of sowing different seeds. As a rule of thumb the larger the seed size the more cover it requires, and fine seed like Lobelia Begonia etc requires no cover.

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