Cauliflower Seeds

Brassica oleracea
Ground Preparation
Dig the soil deeply with the addition of manure or compost during the late autumn/winter some months prior to planting.

Sow seed 1cm deep, thin out to 7cm apart, transplant up to 60cm apart when the plants have made 5-6 leaves. Sow Jan to Feb under glass, autumn for overwintering in cold frames. Sow outdoors March to May.
Grow something new and unusual from seed for the vegetable patch

Cauliflower Skywalker

Cauliflower Skywalker
Summer to Autumn Cauliflower
An excellent Autumn variety with dense deep white curds that are well protected. Approx 95-100 days to maturity from transplanting, Sow March to May, harvest September to October

  2.25 Av 30 seeds



Cauliflower Evita

Cauliflower Evita
Winter Cauliflower
Cauliflower Evita withstands the winter without the need for protection, snow white curds are harvested in May to mid June. RHS Award of Garden Merit

  1.25 Av 30 seeds




Cauliflower Amazing
Cauliflower Amazing produces a good sized head up to 10 inches, the large leaves protect the curds well and help it hold in the ground over a long period. It maintains its texture and flavour while in the ground. Sow March to May harvest July to October.

1.15 Av 25 seeds



Cauliflower North Foreland F1 seed


Cauliflower North Foreland
Hybrid Winter  Cauliflower
A versatile hybrid variety that matures through January and February. Good standing ability. Well protected deep white curds with good winter hardiness. Sow May, plant out July.
Recommended Sow 3rd week of May, plant 1st week of July.
Harvest January to February

 2.65 Av 30 seeds



Cauliflower Lundy F1 seed


Cauliflower Lundy
Hybrid Winter  Cauliflower
The ideal follow-on variety to F1 North Foreland, cauliflower F1 Lundy crops during March and April. Solid, well protected, deep white curds. Good holding ability. Sow end of May to mid June, plant out end of July.
Recommended Sow 1st week of June, plant 3rd week of July.
Harvest March to April

2.65 Av 30 seeds





Cauliflower Medallion
Winter  Cauliflower
A Roscoff hybrid producing good quality heads with nice curd. For harvest February to mid-March
Sow May to Early June

2.75 Av 30 seeds



Cauliflower Sunset F1 seeds


Cauliflower Sunset
Treated Seed
F1 Sunset one of the first orange varieties to become available. Performs best when used for September and October harvesting. Colour most pronounced when used for baby veg or mini vegetable, but colour still vibrant in full size heads. Small compact frame. Sow April and May

2.75 Av 15 seeds



Cauliflower All The Year Round


Cauliflower All Year Round
The gardeners firm favourite. Cauliflower All The Year Round is a traditional cauli that is ideal for successional sowings.
Sow March to May Harvest July to late September

0.85 Av  120 seeds





Cauliflower Autumn Giant
A popular late variety, with large dense white curds.
Sow May to June Harvest late October to end of December

1.35 Av 300 seeds



F1 Celio romanesco type

Celio F1 Romanesco type Cauliflower
Early F1 large framed romanesco type for summer to early autumn harvest. Produces very high quality, pinnacled heads in an attractive green colour. Highly recommended for taste and presentation.
Sow April for harvest September to October

2.35 Av 30 seeds




Cauliflower Freedom F1


Cauliflower Freedom
One of the best F1 varieties currently available for UK production. Suitable for growing as  standard, baby veg and mini cauliflowers. Approximately 70-80 days from transplant to harvest.
Sow February to May

2.55 Av 30 seeds





Cauliflower Grafitti 
A stunning F1 purple coloured sweet flavoured cauliflower, Cauliflower graffiti is an improvement over older purple types. The colour intensifies with the exposure to light.  Sow March until end of May harvest from June to October. RHS Award of Garden Merit

2.75 Av 20 seeds



Cauliflower Igloo
Large firm snow white curds, good vigour, leaf cover and tolerance to temperature variations. Ideal for successional sowings.
Sow March to May harvest July to early November.

1.45 Av 30 seeds



Cauliflower Nautilus F1 seeds


Cauliflower Nautilus
Cauliflower F1 Nautilus high quality, pure white, very round with solid heavy curds.
Sow February to May harvest June to late October. RHS Award of Garden Merit

2.25 Av 30 seeds



Cauliflower Optimist F1 seeds


Cauliflower Optimist
Hybrid autumn giant type, hardy with good disease resistance. Performs well in cold wet conditions. High quality dense packed curds, good foliage protection and easy to cut. Sow May to June, cut November to December.

2.65 Av 30 seeds



Purple Cauliflower

Cauliflower Purple Cape
Winter variety. Rich purple heads of superfine flavour - ready late March/early April. Very hardy, sow March to May.

1.80 Av 200 seeds


Cauliflower Trevi Lime Green Heads


Cauliflower Trevi
F1 Cauliflower Trevi has uniform lime green heads. Sow from April until early June plant out from June onwards, heading September - October

 2.25 Av 30 seeds



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