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Grow your own veg and baby vegetables from seed

(Daucus carota)
Sow seeds very thinly, direct spring onwards in succession to summer, 1cm deep rows 15cm apart, thin the young seedlings to 10cm apart. Early crops can be produced by sowing seed early indoors & transplant under cloches.

Speciality Carrots



Carrot Pusa Asita
A new open pollinated variety so rich in Anthocyanins it is almost black, packed with nutrients it tastes richer than a regular orange carrot.

 1.45 Av 150 seeds








Carrot Purple Sun F1
A superb sweet flavoured F1 purple carrot, coloured from the skin right to the core. Uniform pointed strong disease resistant roots have high levels of antioxidants and are ideal for juicing. Daucus carota

2.10 Av 300 seeds








Carrot Paris Market Atlas
A high quality improved version of the popular Paris Market variety. Early carrot with superb almost round roots, ideal for shallow soils.

1.25 Av 500 seeds




Carrot White Satin F1


Carrot White Satin F1
Pure white roots. Crisp, sweet flavour. Cylindrical juicy roots approx 20cm  long. Hybrid Maincrop Carrot.

1.60 Av 300 seeds




Grow your own vegetables Carrot Creme De Lite F1 from seed

Carrot F1 Creme De Lite 
Pale yellow tapered roots having a very carroty flavour. Excellent cooked or cold, cut into sticks for dips, salads etc.

1.65 Av 300 seeds




Grow your own veg Carrot Atomic Red from seed

Carrot Atomic Red  Pinkish Red Colour
coral-red, 9 inch long roots. Best cooked to deepen the colour and improve the texture and flavour, strong flavoured when raw. Medium-small tops

1.35 Av 500 seeds



Carrot Cosmic Purple

Carrot Cosmic Purple  
Purple roots with shades of yellow to orange sweet tasting flesh.Heirloom variety.

0.89 Av  200 seeds

1.35 Av  500 seeds



Carrot Little Finger

Carrot Little Finger
A superb baby carrot 7 to 10cm long with a deep orange colour, tender, sweet and tasty they are ideal cooked, or in salads, snacking or even in the kids lunch box. Sow from early March into July harvest late summer into autumn. Harvest young for sweet baby carrots, Baby veg.

0.79  Av  300 seeds


Carrot Lunar White
New variety of white carrot very productive. Creamy white roots with a delicious mild flavour and a small core.

0.85 Av 400 seeds




Grow your own veg Carrot Purple Dragon from seed

Carrot Purple Dragon
Purple skinned carrot with an orange centre, having a high vitamin and antioxidant level. Use Carrot Purple Dragon steamed or raw in salads, dips or even juiced.

1.20 Av  400 seeds



Grow your own veg Baby Carrot Parmex from seed

Carrot Parmex
Baby veg,  mini vegetable, small, tender and full of taste. Uniform and early to mature. Use for Juicing, fresh and winter storage.

1.10 Av 1,000 seeds




Grow Carrot  F1 Red Samurai from seeds

Carrot F1 Red Samurai
2nd early, F1 maincrop. A red skinned carrot with distinctive bright red skin and pinky inner flesh. Long tapered roots. Japanese bred carrot. Sow March to early July, Harvest June to September. 1 gram approx 800 seeds

0.89  Av  250 seeds

1.35  Av  500 seeds



Carrot Solar Yellow



Carrot Solar Yellow
A maincrop variety producing medium length, completely yellow roots. A sweet juicy carrot with very crunchy flesh.
2 gram approx 1,000 seeds

1.60 Av 2 gram pkt





Grow Carrot Yellowstone from seed

Carrot Yellowstone F1
A Yellow F1 hybrid carrot, long with a smooth yellow skin, lovely texture, sweet and full of flavour. Use in salads, dips or cooked vegetable. A carrot the children will love to grow. Sow March onwards outdoors or January onwards protected. Favourite of Gardeners World.

0.95 Av 350 seeds




Carrot Rainbow F1 seeds

Carrot Rainbow F1
Multicoloured carrots with great taste. A delightful blend of yellow, white and orange carrots. The flavour varies depending on root colour but all are tender, sweet and flavourful. 7-9 inch tapered roots with strong tops.

1.95 Av 300 seeds



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English Sage is a good companion plant for cabbage and carrot.

Herb Sage   Perennial Evergreen Culinary herb
Salvia officinalis
Sage English has grey green slightly hairy leaf with strong flavour, used in stuffing's and many culinary forms. magical powers of sage include immortality, protection, longevity, wishes and wisdom. Sage should be cut back after flowering to avoid leggy plants.

1.25 Av 70 seeds


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The cultural information should be used as a guide only, I have found a number of different sowing techniques for the same seed from different sources there does not seem to be a standard. With this in mind you should use this website as a guide only, you probably already have a tried and tested way of sowing different seeds. As a rule of thumb the larger the seed size the more cover it requires, and fine seed like Lobelia Begonia etc requires no cover.

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