Vegetable seeds Beetroot

(Beta vulgaris)
Sow seeds in situ in Spring when the ground has warmed up and successional sowings to early summer. Thinly Sow 1cm deep in rows 30cm apart. Thin seedlings to 8cm apart. Early sowings can be made indoors in modules/trays and planted out at 5cm tall after all risk of frost has passed. Pre soaking seed in warm water 0.5 - 1 hour before sowing will speed up germination.




Beetroot Rainbow Beet Mixed 30cm
A stunning mixture of five beetroot varieties Subeto, Chioggia, Bulls Blood Scarletta, Albina Vereduna and Boldor, all have superb contrasting outer skins, flesh, stems and leaves! deliciously sweet flavoured they can all be enjoyed as mature roots or harvested young for baby beets (baby veg). Delicious either hot or cold, cooked or pickled, try them sliced raw into salads for a colourful crunch or steam the stems and use like spinach or chard. Beta vulgaris

1.35 av 250 seeds




Beetroot Babybeet


Beetroot Babybeet
A baby beetroot with a nice round shape, small tap root and smooth skinned from an early age. Baby veg ideal size for cooking or steaming whole. Grow in containers on the patio or in borders, harvest when they are young and tender approx 45 days from transplanting. Beta vulgaris

1.15 av 200 seeds




Beetroot Cheltenham Green Top


Beetroot Cheltenham Green Top
Heirloom variety producing long tapered sweet rich red fleshy roots with broad shoulders. Green tops can be used as spinach. Stores well and has some resistance to drought.

0.99 av 200 seeds





Beetroot Boston
 An improved boltardy variety producing round roots with smooth skin and good colour and texture. Slow bolting making this ideal for early sowings. Can be pulled young for baby veg, sow Feb to Aug harvest April to Oct.

0.95 av 250 seeds




Beetroot Bona
A mid to late season variety producing round roots with smooth skin and intense red flesh. Bona has a high sugar content producing beets with a very tasty sweet flavour. Suitable for both full or baby veg also ideal for pickling. 2 gram Av 170 seeds.

0.85 av 2 gram pkt

1.40 Two x 2 gram pkts



Vegetable Burpees Golden Seeds

Beetroot Burpees Golden
A favourite delicacy from Victorian times it is something different from the usual red beetroot, does not bleed and stain like normal beetroot, attractive globe shaped, Leaves are light green, roots orange-yellow that turn golden yellow when cooked. Tender, sweet tasting and a fine texture even when large, can be steamed, cooked in casserole or used raw in a salad. Recommended variety by River Cottage Handbook Veg Patch.
1 gram approx 85 Seeds

0.89 av 1 gram pkt

1.50 Two x 1 gram pkt




Beetroot Albina Ice

Beetroot Albina Ice
Grow something unusual from seed a truly white beetroot which does not bleed when cut. Excellent flavour and texture. Wavy topped leaves can be used like spinach.1 gram approx 60 seeds

1.35 Av 1 gram pkt





Beetroot Boro

Beetroot Boro
A good quality hybrid variety producing smooth-skinned, dark red roots. Good storage performance. Suitable for both baby veg and standard beetroot production. RHS Award of Garden merit

1.95 Av 200 seeds





Vegetable Beetroot Chioggia seeds

Beetroot Chioggia
Beetroot Chioggia an Italian traditional globe shaped beetroot with dark green leaves and deep red stems. When sliced the ornamental red and white rings are exposed, adding an attractive element to the salad plate. Sweet tasting beetroot that is ideal in salads or as a hot vegetable. Voted 3rd by Gardeners World taste testers.

0.85 Av 100 seeds

1.35 Two x 200 seeds





Vegetable Beetroot Cylindra seeds

Beetroot Cylindra
Beetroot Cylindra a long slim cylindrical Italian variety beetroot with a dark red colour of both the outer smooth skin and inner fruity sweet tasting flesh. Ideal variety for slicing. Matures medium early. Voted 2nd by Gardeners World taste testers.

0.95 Av 300 Seeds





  Beetroot Modena
Beetroot Modena medium early maturity, monogerm type (one seed per fruit) requires no thinning, high quality globe shaped beetroot, dark red internal colouring, good resistance to bolting

1.45 Av 250 Seeds




Beetroot Pablo F1  Excellent variety for baby beetroot

Beetroot Pablo
Excellent hybrid variety for Baby Beetroot
High quality beetroots with  smooth skin, good deep red internal colouring. A good choice for baby veg beetroot. Maincrop. RHS Award of Garden Merit

1.20 Av 150 seeds




Beetroot Detroit 2 Bolivar

Beetroot Bolivar (Detroit 2)   Voted No1 tasting by Gardeners World taste testers.
Good quality, smooth skinned globe beet with strong skin and flesh colour. High yielding variety with good internal colouring and excellent taste. Voted by Gardeners World taste testers as the best tasting beetroot of all the ones tested, sweet, juicy and delicious.
5 gram approx 500 seeds

1.80 Av 5 gram pkt





Beetroot Detroit 2 Crimson Globe seeds

Beetroot Crimson Globe (Detroit 2)
Very good selection of Detroit beetroot, one of the most popular varieties; heavy yields of globe shaped roots with good internal colouring and excellent taste. 5 gram approx 320 Seeds

0.95  Av 5 gram pkt




Beetroot Boltardy


Beetroot Boltardy
 Standard variety beetroot with rounded roots and excellent colouring. Ideal for early sowings and main crop. Good resistance to bolting. RHS Award of Garden Merit. 5gm approx 400 Seeds

1.00 Av 5 gram pkt




Leaf Beet
(Beta vulgaris)
Sow March onwards or autumn in shallow drills, thin to 15cm apart and 30cm between rows.

Perpetual Spinach Seeds

Perpetual Spinach
Cut and come again, baby leaf. Heavy cropping of succulent dark green leaves, that are used as spinach. Suitable for cutting over a long period during the summer months, leaf beet can also be harvested autumn and winter. Rarely runs to seed in its first year. RHS Award of Garden Merit.

0.79 Av 200 seeds

1.25 Two x 200 seeds





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The cultural information should be used as a guide only, I have found a number of different sowing techniques for the same seed from different sources there does not seem to be a standard. With this in mind you should use this website as a guide only, you probably already have a tried and tested way of sowing different seeds. As a rule of thumb the larger the seed size the more cover it requires, and fine seed like Lobelia Begonia etc requires no cover.

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