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Trikke 5 aluminium
Lets Rock & Roll on the latest Kick Scooter craze


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Mini Vtriker for ages 3-6 & Vtriker for ages 7-14 years
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The fun way to tone the waist, hips, butt, thighs and tummy  



Trikke 5 Aluminium the latest Kick scooter craze for children no pushing pedalling or scooting required just rock and roll get exercise too. Trikke Safety

The Trikke 5 s series Aluminium 
Min age 6 years, ideal for 6 yrs up to 66kg max rider weight, older children prefer the Trikke 5 for tricks as the smaller wheels and frame make it easier to handle on jumps etc.  For the average street rider we would recommend ages 6-8 for the Trikke 5.  The Trikke 5 will require more carving than the Trikke 6 or 8 to maintain the same speed.
max rider weight 68 kgs
5 inch diameter wheels


The scooter that is propelled by body motion and turns, it is the ultimate machine for tricks, ramps, and air. It's small enough for young riders age 6 and up, but strong enough to take the abuse of freestyle riders opening the doors on a whole new world of tricks, air and speed.
The patented Trikke 3CV Technology allows you to propel yourself in a whole new way. Simply leaning your Trikke in the direction of your turn makes it go, combining slalom style s turns keeps you going for miles in total control.
Collapsible frame making storage easy, Quick release handlebars (curved not straight), Dual independent rear brakes.
Maintenance free polyurethane wheels with sealed bearings. Patented cambering system
. Have fun and keep fit.

Trikke 5 s series aluminium

Top Speed: 14 mph / 23 km/h
Cruising Speed: approx 8 mph / 13 km/h
Maximum Climbing Angle: 15 degree grade

Dimensions (ready-to-ride)
Rider Weight Limit: 150 lbs. / 66 kg
Wheel Size: 5 inch / 12,5 cm diameter
Height: 30 - 38 inches / 76 - 96 cm
Length: 34,5 inches / 87 cm
Width: 19.5 inches / 49,5 cm
Weight: 12.1 pounds / 5,5 kg

Dimensions (folded)
Height: 10 inches / 25,5 cm
Length: 37 inches / 94,5 cm
Width: 11 inches / 28 cm
Age: 6 to 11

RRP 99.95

Trikke 5 BLUE

Our Price only 84.95
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Trikke 5 RED

Our Price only 84.95
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Trikke 5 | Trikke 6 | Trikke 7 Coupe | Trikke 8 PU | Trikke 8 Air
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Trikke Safety
Always wear industry approved safety equipment when riding your Trikke. Even under the most ideal circumstances, riding can be hazardous. Wear athletic shoes, and do not ride barefoot or in sandals.
Always ride with both hands firmly on the handlebars. Only ride on dry surfaces as polyurethane wheels do not perform well on wet pavement or any other wet surface and riding the Trikke in any wet condition is not recommended. Polyurethane loses traction on most wet surfaces, and water on the wheels can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the brakes.
Riding on hills:- The Trikke is designed for use on flat dry pavement. Do not ride on steep hills or do prolonged downhill rides during which the brakes are constantly applied. Prolonged use of the brakes for this purpose will rapidly wear out the polyurethane wheel and dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the brakes.
Always inspect your Trikke before each ride for lose bolts and for proper brake function. Make sure that the steering tube clamp and folding mechanisms are locked in place before riding. Do not modify your Trikke.

About your safety:
Always wear proper protective equipment when you ride your Trikke such as an industry approved helmet. Pay special attention to where you are riding, your proximity to other people, and especially your proximity to cars if you are learning to ride on a street.
Finally have fun!



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