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Sprouted seeds are highly nutritious, eaten with salads, sandwiches or as an accompaniment to other meals, sprouted seeds are delicious as well as being exceedingly rich in valuable nutrients, minerals, protein, fibre and enzymes. They can be sown either in a purpose made seed sprouter, in a jar with a muslin top or in some cases a punnet. Keep the seeds moist and clean by rinsing them well twice a day and maintain a temperature of between 55 and 70F. Seeds grown in the dark tend to be crisper. All sprouting seeds can also be land sown for leaf cropping.
It is advisable if eating large quantities of raw sprouts to cook them first. Clean sprouting equipment thoroughly, keep maximum air flow, rinse well twice a day and harvest as required. Once sprouted the sprouts do not store well.


Salad Sprouters & Seeds
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Salad Sprouter

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A superb salad seed sprouter for those wanting to produce enough for the family. Multi-tiered system for a variety of sprouts. Special rinsing system takes only a few seconds twice a day. Attractive and well made. 3 Heavy duty sprouting shelves. 1 overflow container, each container 5.5 inches square x 1.5 inches deep. Design/colour may change from picture.  WHICH Best Buy 

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Salad Sprouter

  Ideal Gift - Salad Sprouter + 40g Broccoli, 40g Radish Daikon and 40g Fenugreek sprouting seeds
A superb salad seed sprouter for those wanting to produce enough for the family. Multi-tiered system for a variety of sprouts. Special rinsing system takes only a few seconds twice a day. Attractive and well made. Design/colour may change from picture. Each container 5.5 inches square x 1.5 inches deep. Save over 1.00
3 sprouting shelves.
1 overflow container.
40g Broccoli.
40g Fenugreek.
40g Radish Daikon.

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Sprouting Seeds


Adzuki or Aduki  Beans

Adzuki or Aduki  Beans
Used for sprouting, or grown and tender pods can be eaten like snap peas. Aduki beans are high in fibre, minerals, vitamin B complex and an excellent weight loss bean.
50 gram pkt approx 350 seeds.

 2.15 Av 50 gram pkt





Alfalfa seeds

Medicago sativa
Very nutritious and rich in vitamins, use Alfalfa sprouted in salads, for micro greens, sandwiches, casseroles and stir fries all year round.
Ready in 4-6 days when 1-4cm long and green leaves appear.
40g    Av 23,000 seeds

2.15 Av 40 gram pkt

9.95 Av 500 gram pkt

16.95 Av 1kg pkt




Beta vulgaris
Rich in vitamins, add a nice colour to salads and sandwiches, pre soak seeds for best results, ready in approx 6-8 days. 30 gram approx 2,400 seeds.

 1.25 Av 30 gram pkt





Broccoli sprouting seeds
Brassica family
Broccoli sprouts Brassica family are rich in sulforaphane a powerful anti cancer compound, It stimulates the natural resources in our body, which helps reduce the risk of developing cancer. easy to grow and full of nutrition with a flavour milder than mature Broccoli. Excellent in sandwiches, sprouts ready in approx 6 days, ideal for microgreens. 40g pkt Av 13,000 seeds.

4.35 Av 40 gram pkt

33.50 Av 500 gram pkt





Fagopyrum esculentum
Raw Buckwheat, ready in 4-6 days when 2cm long Buckwheat is excellent in salads and sandwiches and rich in minerals too.
50g Av 2,400 seeds

 1.95 Av 50 gram pkt

12.50 Av 500 gram pkt

  21.50 Av 1kg pkt




Brassica family
Mild flavoured red cabbage ready in 6-7 days. Excellent for Micro Greens. 40 gram approx 10,000 seeds.

2.75 Av 40 gram pkt




Sprouting Calabrese

Brassica family
Calabrese sprouts Brassica family have the same benefits as other Brassica sprouts. easy to grow and full of nutrition with a mild flavour. Excellent in sandwiches.
Ready in 5-7 days. 20 gram pkt approx 5,000 seeds.

2.35 Av 20 gram pkt






Daucus carota
Carrot sprouting seeds 20g   Av 16,000 seeds

 1.75 Av 20 gram pkt




Salad cress seeds
Cress Salad sprouting seeds

Lepidium sativum
Fine leaved Cress with a hot flavour, ready in 10 days sow direct into punnets or on kitchen towels do not pre soak. Children love growing cress.
40g  Av 17,000 seeds

1.90 Av 40 gram pkt

12.50 Av 500 gram pkt




Cress Selection 74
Lepidium sativum
Fast maturing Cress, giving very even plants in the punnet, also a very effective green manure.
35g pkt Av 15,000 seeds

 1.90 Av 35 gram

 9.50 Av 250 gram




Cress Bubbles



Cress Bubbles
Lepidium sativum
Bright green leaves with a blistered texture (similar to savoy cabbage), a ruffled leaf margin and having a peppery flavour. Slow to bolt, it can be sown all year round indoors. Annual, height 15cm. Sow indoors on kitchen paper, on compost in a punnet or outdoors broadcast sow in a seed bed.

0.99 Av 1,000 seeds



Culinary herb. Sprout Fenugreek for 3 - 5 days they can then be used in salads or cooked having a strong spicy flavour. Can also be land sown. Also a good green manure crop. Excellent for Micro Greens
40g    Av 3,200 seeds

1.95 Av 40 gram

14.50 Av 500 gram

 22.00 Av 1 kg





Allium porrum
Sprouts with a leek flavour, ready in approx 2 weeks, ideal for microgreens.
30g Av 9,000 seeds

2.65 Av 30 gram pkt




Mung Bean
Phaseolus aureus
Mung Bean are ready after 3-4 days when 2cm long
50g  Av 700 seeds

 1.95 Av 50 gram pkt

 12.50 Av 500 gram pkt




Mustard Salad sprouting seeds
Sinapsis alba
White Mustard
Spicy flavour Mustard Salad is ready when 1-2cm long ready in 7 days. If grown in a punnet/dish with Salad cress it should be sown 3 days later. Good quality stock of even growth and germination for punnet production.
Also suitable for use as a green manure.
40g Av 5,500 seeds

1.95 Av 40 gram pkt

13.50 Av 500 gram pkt




Allium cepa
Onion sprouted shoots resemble small salad onions, ready in approx 14 days.
30g    Av 8,000 seeds

2.50 Av 30 gram pkt





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