Gourds, Lagenaria siceraria Apple Gourd, Bottle Gourd, Cucurbita maxima Turks Turban, Cucurbita pepo


Sowing Temp

March indoors in pots
Open ground / cold frame April on
harvest fruits Sept - Oct

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Lagenaria siceraria, are hard shell gourds, when dried the shells become very hard and with care can last indefinitely. Grow them on the ground or on strong trellis. Gourds require a lot of feeding, and are best grown like marrows for best results.


Bottle Gourds
Birdhouse Gourds
Lagenaria siceraria
Bottle gourds, easy to grow from seed and best grown up trellis or fences to help retain their shape, if left to grow on the ground they may flatten on one side. They make excellent birdhouses, just leave them to dry, drill an access hole for the birds add a drainage hole or two and hang them up. Dried Bottle Gourd can also be decorated for ornaments and musical instruments.

pkt approx 12 seeds


Bottle Gourds


Turks Turban
Cucurbita maxima
Large multicoloured striped turban-shaped fruits, very ornamental gourd and edible.

1.35 pkt approx 15 seeds

Turks Turban ornamental and edible squash




Gourd Indy Mixed
A selection of ornamentals for drying, many unique multi coloured fruits.

pkt approx 12 seeds



Gourd - Indy Mixed





Gourds Small Fruited Ornamental Mixed
Cucurbita pepo
A useful mixture used for decoration. Small fruited in a vast range of shapes and colour, can be dried and used for winter decoration.

pkt approx 20 seeds



Gourds Ornamental Mixed


Gourds Luffa Cylindrica
The luffa sponge also known a loofah, vegetable sponges and running okra. An annual climbing plant producing sponges that can grow up to 30-40cm long. Grow up fences or trellis in a warm sheltered site.

pkt approx 12 seeds


Gourds Luffa Cylindrica

Gourd - Apple Gourds
Lagenaria siceraria
Apple shaped gourd, each plant can produce 4-7 fruits with dark green mottled skin that turns brown when dried. Dry and paint them or stain them red to look like apples, use them in crafts or make into birdhouses.  Not Edible.

Out of stock



Apple Gourds




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