Echium Seeds
The flower with towering flower spikes.

Sowing Temp
Cover Seed
Hardy Biennial, Perennial
Cover pots thinly with compost, grit or vermiculite
Sow spring outdoors in a covered light area, cold greenhouse or cold frame in pots or under gentle heat May to July indoors in propagator. Transplant into 7cm pots and overwinter in cool greenhouse at approx 7
C. Plant out following spring in well drained open position 1m apart. Echiums are difficult to germinate, they are very erratic and can take many months to germinate.
CAUTION Plants are Skin Irritant



Echium Pink Fountain   7 -  10 feet
Once seen it is the plant everyone wants in their garden. Delicate pink tapering flower spike up to 10 feet tall. A cross between Echium wildpretii and the giant blue Echium pininana. Excellent for attracting bees. Echium seed germination is slow and erratic.

2.25 pkt approx 10 seeds



Echium Pink Fountain



Echium Blue Steeple  10-14ft or more
Echium Pininana
Known as Pride of Tenerife or Tower of Jewels
Profusion of blue flowers on a giant stem. Produces a palm tree like rosette on a thick woody stem, after a year or two the centre stem shoots upwards and produces thousands of flowers which the bees love. Echium seed germination is slow and erratic.

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Echium Blue Steeple


Echium Snow Tower    Up to 15 feet
Echium Pininana
A rare pure white flowered Echium Pininana, tapering flower spike covered in pure white flowers. Select only the pale stemmed seedlings to transplant into 7cm pots. Flowers in its 2nd or 3rd year. Echium seed germination is slow and erratic.

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Echium Snow Tower



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The cultural information should be used as a guide only, I have found a number of different sowing techniques for the same seed from different sources there does not seem to be a standard. With this in mind you should use this website as a guide only, you probably already have a tried and tested way of sowing different seeds. As a rule of thumb the larger the seed size the more cover it requires, and fine seed like Lobelia Begonia etc requires no cover.

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