Capsicum seeds
(Ornamental Chillies)

Sowing Temp
Cover Seed
Average layer vermiculite
Sow Feb-June
Sowing to flowering approx 18 weeks

Large selection of Chilli pepper seeds
Ornamental Chillies to grow from seed

Uchu Cream Red    35cm
Capsicum annuum
A unique ornamental chilli plant that produces slim to medium sized fruit which are cream coloured ripening through to red. A two tone cream/green foliage making this and ideal statement pot plant.

2.95 pkt 10 seeds




Treasures Red    12-15cm
Capsicum annuum
An ornamental chilli variety that is fast growing, uniform and early to fruit. Fruits grow upwards, heavy cropping, compact habit with conical white fruits maturing to red.

2.50 pkt 10 seeds

Ornamental Chilli Pepper Treasures Red




Chilly Chili    20-25cm
Capsicum annuum
An ornamental chilli variety that is child safe, Chilly Chilli bears non pungent 5cm fruits. Green to yellow fruits ripen to orange and mature a dark red.

2.80 pkt 10 seeds


Pepper CHilli Chilli



NuMex Centennial
Chilli Pepper NuMex Centennial an ornamental chilli pepper with piquin type pods, developed for the New Mexico State University 100 year anniversary. The small fruits ripen from purple to yellow, orange and then to red, ideal for growing in borders and containers.

0.95 Av 15 seeds





chilli pepper NuMex Centennial

Calico      25-30cm
Capsicum annuum
Pepper ornamental chilli that has compact rounded plants, uniform in size and habit with variegated tricolour foliage of purple, green and cream. An eye catching foliage plant for containers and bedding, purple fruits turn red when they mature. Caution Very hot pepper.

2.80 pkt 8 seeds



Ornamental Chilli Pepper Calico


Masquerade      25-45cm
Capsicum annuum
Very early ornamental chilli variety with a unique colour pattern. Long fruits are purple and mature through yellow, orange and finally red. Excellent in pots and containers. Hot Pepper.

2.80 pkt 10 seeds


Ornamental Chilli Pepper Masquerade





Purple Flash      33-38cm
Capsicum annuum
Ornamental chilli with compact, mounded plants that are uniform with a striking colouration, almost black leaves with bright purple flashes. Peppers are small round black and very hot. Attractive and unusual foliage plant for borders, landscaping, pots and containers, looks good on the Patio.

2.80 pkt 8 seeds


Ornamental Chilli Pepper Purple Flash





Red Missile     20-25cm
Capsicum annuum
Ornamental chilli with hot tapered fruit that changes from cream to orange to bright red. An excellent container plant.

2.80 pkt 10 seeds


Ornamental Chilli Pepper Red Missile





Sangria      25-30cm
Capsicum annuum
Compact rounded ornamental chilli plants that have child safe non pungent purple and red fruits.

Out of stock


Chilli Pepper Sangria






Black Pearl      45cm
Capsicum annuum
The first black-leafed ornamental chilli pepper on the market.
Hot Ornamental Chilli Pepper. Bushy, upright, and well-branched plants have foliage that is greenish when young and matures to glossy black with high light and heat. Rounded, shiny black fruit matures to dark red and is very hot to the taste. 2006 All-America Selections and Fleuroselect Quality Mark Winner. Use it as an accent in the garden, a focal point in containers, on the patio, or a startling filler in dramatic bouquets . Days to Maturity or Bloom: 85 black, 140 red ripe


1.75 pkt 8 seeds


Capsicum Black Pearl Ornamental Hot Chilli Pepper Seeds
Shiny black fruit matures to dark red and is very hot to the taste


Garda Hocus Pocus    40cm
Capsicum annuum
Ornamental chilli F1 adds some extra flavour to your bedding display in summer and autumn. It has thick conical-shaped white fruits that change to deep orange when aging. All through fruiting season it displays a spectacular garden performance. Thick fruits 25 to 40 mm long from June to October.

pkt 10 seeds


Capsicum Garda Hocus Pocus F1 seed

Medusa 20cm
Ornamental chilli fruits are thin and twisted in a cone shape, held prominently upright over the foliage. Fruits start out ivory and as they mature turning yellow to orange and finally red. Can produce up to 50 fruits.

pkt 8 seeds

Ornamental Chilli Pepper Medusa

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