Page 1 Papaver somniferum
Poppy hardy perennial treated as annual
During the setting of flowers poppies are mildly toxic.

Sowing Temp
Cover Seed
Hardy Annual
Thin layer vermiculite
Sow Poppies early Spring Onwards and Sept to over winter
grow in fertile well drained soil in full sun.
Sow in situ May onwards
Easy to grow from seed

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Common Names found might not be correct:- Opium Poppy, Bread seed poppy, Opium, O Fu Jung, Hashas
Papaver Somniferum may be restricted for importing into some countries and is used for making addictive narcotic drugs.
 Please check with your authority before ordering. 
Sold for the ornamental value as a flower for bedding, borders, containers and cut flower use. Approx 2-3,000 seeds per gram
Easy to grow from seed.

Poppy Victoria Cross  90cm
Papaver. somniferum
Easy to grow this unusual poppy features a striking white cross in the centre of the crimson flowers and each single petal is fringed with lacy edges, then after flowering the attractive seed pods can be used for flower arrangements. Direct into borders, wildlife gardens and cottage gardens.

1.85 pkt approx 250 seeds







Poppy Pink Fizz  90cm
Papaver.somniferum laciniatum
Tall stemmed, pink bicolour blooms, silver foliage, deeply fringed flowers give way to green-blue seed pods that are ideal for dried flower arrangements. Direct sow for filling gaps in borders, wildlife gardens and cottage gardens. Excellent cut flower.

1.05 pkt approx 200 seeds







Poppy Blackcurrant Fizz  90-100cm
A tall stemmed, burgundy coloured with deeply serrated flowers that appear almost black in the summer sun, ideal in borders and cottage gardens. Seed pods are very attractive and are ideal for flower arrangements. Excellent cut flower Papaver somniferum.

1.05 pkt approx 100 seeds






Poppy Cherry Glow 
Papaver.somniferum Opium poppy
Large flowered poppy richly coloured with scarlet petals. Decorative seed heads are excellent for drying, use in dried flower arrangements and borders.

1.95 pkt approx 200 seeds




Papaver somniferum Cherry Glow




Poppy Pink Bicolour  90cm
Papaver. laciniatum
Flowering from June to September a beautiful flower with elegant pink laciniate petals with white centres. Makes an excellent cut flower, border plant

1.35 pkt approx 400 seeds




Poppy Pink Bicolour seeds papavaer laciniatum



Poppy Venus   60-90cm
P.somniferum laciniatum
Double flowering poppy with large fringed flowers in a warm rosy red, with white on the underside of the base petal.

pkt approx 750 seeds




poppy Venus papaver somniferum laciniatum seeds

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Poppy Swansdown
P.somniferum laciniatum
Height 90cm. Poppy Swansdown has large double flowers with snow white petals that just looks like the fine soft feathers of swans down.

1.95 pkt approx 1,000 seeds





Poppy Swansdown

Poppy Double Raspberry Blush 'Plaza de Rito'
Papaver.somniferum Opium poppy
Beautiful double flowered poppy in raspberry blush colour with a frilly centre. Use in borders, bedding schemes, cottage gardens for a brilliant splash of colour.

0.99 pkt approx 100 seeds

1.55 for 2 x 100 seed packets





 Poppy Frosted Salmon
Papaver.somniferum Opium poppy
Height 90cm, Poppy frosted salmon has beautiful salmon rose colouring, the edges of the petals gently fading with age produces a stunning effect. Flowers July to September.

pkt approx 1,000 seeds





 Poppy Papaver somniferum Frosted Salmon

 Poppy Flemish Antique 90cm
Papaver.somniferum Opium poppy
Poppy with fully double flowers in antique shades of red and rose and striped creamy white. Flowers July to September.

pkt approx 1,000 seeds





Poppy  papaver somniferum Flemish Antique


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