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           Herb garden seeds for culinary use, pot herbs and herb gardens, medicinal, dyes, companion planting, Chinese and ornamental herb seed. Herb seeds of Ajmud, Agrimony, Alexanders, Angelica, Anise, Anthemis, Ashwagandha, Balm, Bay,  Lady's Bedstraw, Bergamont, Betony, Birthwort, Bistort, Bittersweet, Campion Bladder, Bog Asphodel, Borage, Burnet Salad, Greater Burdock, Burning Bush and Butterbur.
The early cottage gardeners used herbs for medicinal purposes and companion planting, but now herbs are mostly used in cooking, where a well stocked herb garden is invaluable for a constant supply of fresh herbs for the culinary delights of today. Herbs also feature prominently in the ornamental garden as decorative plants where the leaves and flowers can be used for pot-pourri. Herb gardens need not be large, and an ideal place is a small patch near the kitchen door or even a few containers with mixed herbs on the patio. I have selected some of the best culinary and ornamental herbs, ideal for the herb garden and container with the added bonus of some being aromatic, they have a multitude of culinary uses, and there are many books on herbs so you can get the most from them. Most of the herbs are easy to grow from seeds, and can be used as fresh leaves in season and then dried for use in the winter.
Companion planting of herbs alongside vegetables has been used for many years, many gardeners use herbs to ward off insects, aid pest problems and increase yield.


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Ajmud herb seeds       Annual
Carum roxburgianum
Indian Spice seed used in curries, pickles and chutneys. Leaves can be used in place of parsley. Medicinal helps to relieve gas and bowel pain, also for the treatment of bronchitis & asthma.

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Agrimony Common     Perennial
Agrimonia eupatoria - Sticklewort Cocklebur
Herb for medicinal use, used to cure gum infections, sore throats, gargle with an infusion of Agrimony is said to create a supple larynx. Used to treat wounds, a yellow dye plant. Grow in well drained soil in full sun. Agrimony Common Seed is best sown in the spring. Image from photo library. Approx 45 seeds per gram.

1.35 Av 1 gram

8.90 Av 10 gram pkt

     Ajowan see Ajwain below



Ajwain  herb seeds    Annual
Trachyspermum ammi - Carum copticum
A herb for culinary and medicinal use also known as Ajowan. It is used in Indian cuisine and is an important commercial spice, the pungent aromatic seeds are used in flavouring many Indian dishes, curries, pickles and bread, the aroma is enhanced by roasting or frying. Sow spring does not like root disturbance.

1.20 Av 120 seeds



Albizia julibrissin
Persian Silk Tree
Small tree or shrub with fern like leaves, flowers during summer. Flowers are in tight clusters and have no petals and look like silk threads, pink coloured at tips fading to white at the base. Also once used as a medicinal herb.
1.45 Av 20 seeds




Albizia julibrissin

Alexanders     Biennial Culinary herb
Smyrnium olusatrum - Black Lovage
An ornamental herb can be used as a pot herb, once used medicinally. Now used as a culinary herb, most parts of the plant are used. Sow late summer early winter in cold frame, sow early spring in situ, seed requires period of cold to germinate. A wildflower of coastal areas height 50 - 150cm.

1.85 Av 20 seeds

Aloe Vera
Chinese medicinal herb, indoor pot plant. The leaves are used for medicinal purposes. Image from photo library.

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Angelica herb seeds       Biennial           
A.archangelica - Arch-Angel, Wild Parsnip
Angelica Archangelica flower heads are kept from forming or cut back at the end of season, it is generally a perennial. Culinary herb Angelica stems can be candied and used as a confection, used in liqueurs and gin, young leaves can be used in salads, dried and used for tea and young stems cooked and used to remove the acidity in rhubarb. Medicinal, provides and energy and helps to stimulate circulation. Approx 200 seeds per gram.

1.40 Av 1 gram pkt

8.95 Av 25 gram pkt


Angelica Chinese   Chinese Medicinal Herb     Perennial/Biennial            See Chinese Angelica
A. sinensis - Chinese Angelica, Dong quai, Dang Gui



Anise         Annual
Pimpinella anisum - Aniseed, Anis, Anise seed
Culinary herb Anise seeds can be used in soups, stews, cakes, salads; sauces, cosmetics, desserts, baking, etc. Seeds and fruit have a liquorice flavour. Once the plant is established the young leaves can be used as an addition to salads. Anise likes light soils and a sunny sheltered position. Sow direct after last spring frosts in a warm, sheltered position, in well drained lime rich soil. Space plants 20-25cm apart with 50-60cm between rows. Used to ward off aphids.

1.25 Av 280 seeds


Anise Hyssop Blue

Anise Hyssop Blue                Hardy Perennial
Agastache foeniculum - Blue Giant Hyssop, Liquorice Mint
Anise Hyssop Blue, blue / pink flower spikes. In North America it was widely planted by bee keepers to produce Honey which had an aniseed flavour. The leaves can be added to salads, used in a medicine for coughs, a tea can be made from it used in Chinese medicine. A superb border plant flowering in July and August also used in dried flower arrangements. Very much in demand in the cut flower market. Grow in well drained soil in full sun will tolerate poor soil. Sow seed in spring indoors / under glass can take up to 4 months to germinate.

1.25 Av 500 seeds



 Anise Hyssop White              Hardy Perennial
Agastache foeniculum album
50cm Compact and early flowering with pure white flowers. Flowers July to October.

1.25 Av 500 seeds




Anthemis nobilis Chamomile Lawn       Perennial
A nobilis - Camomile, English Chamomile, Garden Dogfennel, Perennial Chamomile, Roman Chamomile
Evergreen. Anthemis Nobilis has pretty daisy like single flowers, sweet smelling foliage especially when freshly mown, used for groundcover, herb lawn and Culinary herb, non flowering chamomile lawn cannot be grown from seed. For a chamomile lawn space plants 6 inches apart, planting in the garden space 12 inches apart.
Used as a doctor plant Anthemis nobilis helps strengthen plants. An infusion of chamomile added to the water of cut flowers helps them to stay fresh looking longer.

1.75 pkt approx 1,000 seeds

2.75 pkt approx 2,000 seeds

6.95 tpkt approx 6,000 seeds




Ashwagandha       Annual
Withania somnifera - Indian Ginseng, Winter Cherry
An Indian tonic similar to Ginseng. Ashwagandha is an evergreen shrub easily grown from seed, but requires a long season to mature. Use roots but take care it can be toxic due to its alkaloids. It is used widely in India and has sedative, aphrodisiac and rejuvenative  effects, is well known in the West, used for everything from general weakness, insomnia, wasting diseases, rheumatics, multiple sclerosis, impotence and infertility. Ashwagandha  seed is both hypnotic and diuretic and the leaves can be used as an insect repellent. Seed is used in the production of vegetarian cheeses.

1.85 Av 150 seeds



Seeds of Arnica Montana Mountain Tobacco

Lemon Balm seeds Melissa officinalis



Balm Lemon     Perennial Culinary herb
Melissa officinalis - Lemon Balm Honey Flower, balm, Lemon Balm, Mellisa
Often called Lemon Balm. Lemon scented leaves used in teas, summer drinks and stuffing's. Baby Leaf Herb, fresh leaves used in fruit salads, stews, sauces and to give flavour to bland meats like chicken and veal, dried leaves in pot-pourris and sachets. Lemon Balm leaves are picked before the plant flowers which are small pale blue, flowering in June to September. Attractive to bees and beneficial to other plants. Approx 1,500 seeds per gram

1.35 Av 750 seeds

7.50 Av 5 gram pkt


Balm Quedlingburger



Balm Quedlingburger     50-60cm Perennial
Lemon Balm. Melissa officinalis
A taller variety than Lemon Balm. As the leaves are squeezed you get a lovely aroma of lemon, use fresh chopped leaves in salads etc. A beautiful tea is made from the dried leaves. Good oil content.

1.35 Av 500 seeds


Balm Lemonella



Balm Lemonella     Perennial
Melissa officinalis
An improved and more aromatic than Balm citronella. Baby leaf herb, high essential oils content. Attractive to bees and beneficial to other plants. Balm Lemonella herb seeds.

1.35 Av 500 seeds


Balm of Gilead      HH Perennial
Cedronella canariensis - Canary balm
Balm of Gilead a musky scented herb with pink flowers, edible and aromatic herb. The leaves are picked before the plant flowers and are infused for tea and also used dried for pot-pourri herb. Sow during spring outdoors or early spring in warmth, plant out after last frosts. Requires protection from frost.

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Bedstraw Lady's    -    Ladies Bedstraw       Perennial  Herb / Wildflower
Galium verum - Ladies Bedstraw, Yellow Bedstraw, Cheese Rennet.    Hgt 15-100cm     Flowers July to September.
Heads of four tiny petalled flowers borne on stems bearing rings of needle type leaves. When dried the plant has a smell of new-mown hay and was formerly used for making bedding, legend has it that Mary gave birth to Jesus on a bed of Lady's Bedstraw. A food plant for caterpillars. The plant is used as a household remedy for relief from kidney and bladder complaints, the roots were once used for red dye and the stem and leaves for a yellow dye. Grow in ordinary well drained soil in a sunny position.
1 gram approx 2,000

 Av 1 gram pkt 

5.00 Av 10 gram pkt

15.00 Av 100 gram pkt



Bergamont Lemon  Half hardy annual Culinary herb
Monarda citriodora
Pink purple flowers quite a rare and ornamental plant and known for attracting bees. The flowers are used in decoration, the leaves are used raw or cooked in salads or cooked foods and for tea they have a lemon aroma. Bergamont Lemon seed sow mid spring on in a cold frame plant out early summer, sow again in summer in areas where the winter is not too cold. Prefers full sun to partial shade in a rich moist soil.

1.50 Av 185 seeds

Bergamot Mixed   Perennial Culinary herb
Monarda didyma - Bee Balm, Monarde Tee, Oswego Tea, Scarlet Monarda
Bergamot flowers June to September and the scented flowers are pollinated by bees, excellent for attracting wildlife into the garden. The leaves young shoots and flowers are used, flowers as a decoration to salads, leaves and tips for flavouring salads and for tea and ice drinks. Leaves and flowers added to pot pourris.  Sow seed mid spring on in a cold frame plant out early summer, sow again in summer in areas where the winter is not too cold. Prefers full sun to partial shade in a rich moist soil.

1.50 Av 30 seeds

Bergamot Wild

Bergamot Wild   Perennial Culinary herb
Monarda fistulosa - Wild Bergamot, Horsemint, Wildbergamot Beebalm
Flowers July and is pollinated by bees good for attracting wildlife into the garden. All the plant above ground level can be used, leaves are used raw or cooked as flavouring in salads and cooked food meats and beans. Medicinal properties improves digestion, colds, headaches fevers bronchial complaints. Wild Bergamot seed sow mid spring on in a cold frame plant out early summer, sow again in summer in areas where the winter is not too cold. Prefers full sun does not like the shade in a light dry alkaline soil.

1.40 Av 200 seeds

Betony         Perennial
Stachys Officinalis    Hgt 15- 60cm     Flowers June to September
Reddish purple flowers numerous in whorls in a cylindrical spike. Was used in herbal medicine to cure headaches and noted for its healing properties. Found in open woods, on rocky ground and coastal cliffs.

Av 500 seeds


Bilberry  See Tree & Shrub Seeds



Birch  silver  See Tree Seeds
Betula pendula



Bistort     Perennial Culinary herb
Persicaria bistorta or Polygonum bistorta
Bistort also known as Dragonwort, Easter Giant, English Serpentary, Passion Dock, Snakeroot, Snakeweed and Sweet Dock.
Height 75cm with pink flowers natural habitat meadows, bog gardens and cultivated beds. Prefers a soil of medium fertility, damp and in full sun to partial shade.
A strongly astringent herb, is used internally and externally for a large number of complaints, treatment for wounds and bleeding. Culinary, the leaves, roots and seeds are used. An ingredient in Easter ledger pudding. Bistort was formerly cultivated as a culinary and medicinal plant.
A magical herb that is believed to have powers of fertility, psychic powers, an infusion used to drive out poltergeists.

1.55 Av 50 seeds



Bittersweet Nightshade     Perennial Climber    CAUTION toxic if eaten
Solanum dulcamara - Woody Nightshade, Bitter-Sweet, Climbing Nightshade
Bittersweet nightshade has purple flowers with yellow stamens, red berries late summer. Flowers June to August. The plant is Poisonous use under supervision of a qualified medical specialist. Used as a sedative, lowers fever plus many other medicinal uses. Magical properties of healing and protection. Grow in sun or partial shade, dry to moist soil conditions. Sow Bittersweet nightshade seed during spring in cold frame, grow on in pots and plant out in permanent position in summer. Sow in situ late spring.

1.45 Av 100 seeds



Black Mustard  See Wildflowers



Campion Bladder  Perennial
Silene vulgaris
Hgt 80cm  Flowers May to September>
Bladder Campion, white flowers on upright stalks, flowers have a swollen bladder like calyx. Noted for attracting moths and butterflies. Dried flowers and seed heads can be used for decoration. Grow in a dry sunny position. 1,000 seeds per gram

 Av 1 gram pkt

 5.90 Av 10 gram pkt



Blue Borage    Annual Culinary herb
Borago oficinalis
Furry grey/green leaves with cucumber flavour. Leaves used in salads, iced drinks and vegetables. Beautiful blue bell-shaped flowers can be used as garnish in fruit cups, Pimms and salads. Magical properties are courage  and psychic powers. A tea made from Borage induces psychic powers. Attractive to bees. Full sun. Sow Borage seeds outdoors every month for a continual harvest of fresh leaves and flowers.
Borage is excellent to grow alongside tomatoes and helps to improve strawberry crops.
50 seeds/gram

1.10 Av 100 seeds

 7.95 Av 25 gram pkt


White Borage   Annual Culinary herb
Borago oficinalis    Alba
Having bristly cucumber flavoured leaves and pure white flowers. Attractive to bees. Full sun. Sow Borage seeds outdoors every month for a continual harvest of fresh leaves and flowers.

1.35 Av 100 seeds

8.50 Av 25 gram pkt




Burdock Greater   Biennial
Arctium Lappa - Burdock, Lappa, Beggars Buttons
Hgt to 100cm   Flowers July to September
Greater Burdock an alternative herb. Natural habitat is waste ground, hedgerows but occasionally found in meadows and woodland. Prefers a moist soil in full sun to semi shade. The root, leaves and stalk can be used raw or cooked, the seed is also known to be used sprouted. It is cultivated in Japan for its edible root. Best sown late autumn or early spring in situ, pre soaking or scarification of seeds aids germination. Buckinghamshire.  Av 80 seeds per gram

Av 1 gram pkt

8.50 Av 10 gram pkt



Burnet Salad or Salad Burnet

Burnet Salad  Salad Burnet herb seeds     Perennial Culinary herb
Poterium sanguisorba - Salad Burnet
Young cucumber flavoured leaves used in salads, sauces, fish, fruit salads, herb butter and soft cheeses. Chopped leaves are added to soups and sauces prior to serving. Evergreen, makes a good container plant. Approx 250 seeds per gram

1.30 Av 300 seeds

7.95 Av 10 gram pkt


Burning Bush      Perennial
Dictamnus alba - Gasplant, Dittany
An ornamental herb with fragrant leaves and white flowers.  Was first mentioned in Chinese Medicine in AD600 and is still in use today. Used to lower fever and control infections. A lemon scented tea can be made from the dried leaves. Prefers a sunny dry site.

1.85 Av 20 seeds





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Herb seed collections

Herb Starter Collection   NEW
The herb starter collection 1 packet containing a collection of 11 herbs each packed in a foil sachet. Seed counts are approximate.
Basil Sweet 100 seeds, Chives 200 seeds, Chives Garlic 100 seeds, Coriander 100 seeds, Cress, Dill 100 seeds, Oregano 250 seeds, Mint 250 seeds, Parsley Giant Italian 100 seeds, Rocket Salad 200 seeds, Thyme English 100 seeds.

4.95 Add to basket

Sowing information for starter collections please print



Culinary Herb Garden Collection
This 13 packet collection includes Monty Don's recommended Herbs as mentioned in Daily Mail Weekend Magazine. Grow them in pots, containers, borders or in the herb garden. Keep them close to the kitchen for fresh herbs direct from the garden.     
Thyme, Sage English, Tarragon Russian, Basil Sweet, Parsley plain or French, Coriander, Chervil plain, Dill, Mint peppermint, Chives, Lovage, Sorrel large french, Fennel sweet.
Save over 1.50 on single pkt prices

13 Pkts Herbs for 14.55 Add to basket


Sow spring to early summer and autumn, sowing rate from 5-10g/m2 A MIXTURE OF 60% FINE GRASSES AND 40% HERBS

Burdock, Chamomile, Chicory, Coltsfoot, Dandelion, Field Garlic, Lady's Mantle, Melliot, Musk Mallow Alba, Plantago's, Red Clover, Self Heal and Yarrow

100g 11.00
500g 44.50
1kg 78.00

 40/60 Herb and grass seed mixture


Herby Salad Leaf Mix      Baby Leaf
Herb salad leaf mix perfect for sandwiches, salads and garnishes, fresher crispier and tastier than supermarket salad mixes, an ideal mix for patio containers, pots and under glass, can be picked in under 30 days from sowing during summer months, sow outdoors March to Sept, under glass Oct to Feb. Sow indoors in a heated propagator or windowsill all year round. Sow thinly 1/2" deep in drills 9 apart. Thin seedlings as and when necessary.  Keep weed free and water well. Great source of vitamins. Mix contains Green lettuce, Mizuna, Salad Rocket, Greek Cress, Giant Red Mustard and Chicory Puntarelle. Seeds per gram approx 450 (seed size varies considerably).

1.35  Av 1 gram pkt



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