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Viola Seeds

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Viola Sorbet Mixed
Viola Yesterday Today & Tomorrow 
Large Selection of Viola

Viola Teardrops Mixed Trailing    Height 15-20cm Spread 30-35cm
A semi trailing viola ideal for winter and summer baskets and containers. Bred specifically for hanging baskets, Teardrops fills out more than the standard viola giving an outstanding colour display.

pkt approx 25 seeds



Viola Teardrops Mixed


Vegetables & Fruit
Trailing Strawberry and Tomato for Hanging Baskets

Large selection of Strawberry Seeds

Strawberry Gasana F1
Ideal for hanging baskets, large deep pink flowers producing an abundance of mid sized 10-18g bright red conical shaped sweet fruits from early June to mid September, up to 1kg of fruits per F1 plant.

pkt approx 10 seeds




Strawberry Toscana
F1 perennial and hardy to frost, a delicious new strawberry winner of 2011/12 Fleuroselect award for the plant with the biggest 'wow' factor. Plant produces decorative pink to deep rose flowers throughout summer, with tasty deep red juicy sweet fruits with a real strawberry taste. Ideal grown on the patio as a pick me and eat me fruit, also suitable for balconies, grown on their own in hanging baskets or with mixed leafs/herbs. Up to 1kg of fruits produced from early June to mid September. Side salad and desert all in one basket.

pkt approx 10 seeds

tpkt approx 30 seeds

Strawberry Toscana




Strawberry Mignonette
Fragaria vesca
Delightful woodland strawberry producing an abundance of tiny highly fragrant sweet fruits all summer long. A true woodland or apline strawberry often referred to as gourmet strawberries and favoured by top chefs for its intense aroma and flavour. Ideal for hanging baskets or containers. Days to maturity 86-90 days spread 40cm height 15cm.

0.95 pkt approx 90 seeds

1.50 for 2 x 90 seed Packets

Strawberry Mignonette


Strawberry Tarpan
Vigorous plant produces abundant large deep rose flowers during the whole summer with juicy bright red elongated fruits. Suitable for hanging baskets.

  pkt 10 seeds

Strawberry Tarpan




Strawberry Roman
Appleblossom pink flowered strawberry, early fruiting hanging basket variety. Large sweet aromatic fruits weighing 10-18g plants can yield up to 750-1000g of fruit .
Sow November onwards for bearing fruit May on.

  pkt 10 seeds

Strawberry Roman pink flowered variety




Strawberry Fresca
A runner less strawberry variety, early, an ever bearing plant that will produce large sized deep red full flavoured berries until first frosts. Ideal in hanging baskets.
Sow October for bearing fruit in May. Sow December and January for flowering May

pkt approx 20 seeds


Strawberry Fresca



Chenzo chilli seeds
Chilli pepper Chenzo bred in the UK, compact dark leaved Chilli Pepper with an elegant, arching habit and masses of Black Chillies which hang vertically under the branches. Chenzo is ideal in hanging baskets, as a Patio plant, greenhouse, vegetable garden, mixed container or on a windowsill. The small fruit (5-6 cm) turn from green when very small to jet black before ripening fully to a bright red. At any point through the fruiting season there are the 3 different colour chillies on the plant. Medium heat level. 85 days. 45,000 shu

1.90 Av 10 seeds




Loco  chilli seeds


Loco  chilli seeds
Capsicum frutescens
Heavy yielding compact hybrid plant chilli Loco produces an abundance of hot 2.5cm oval fruits that ripen purple to bright red. Chillies appear above the foliage making this an attractive hanging basket plant, pot plant or container plant. Heat rating 24000shu days to maturity 82-85 days spread 60cm height 45cm
WHICH Magazine Ornamental Patio Chilli trial Best Buy for Looks and taste

1.65 Av 10 seeds



Chilli Pepper Basket of Fire


Chilli Pepper Basket of Fire
Capsicum frutescens
A compact leafy semi-trailing hybrid plant that produces an abundance of fruit over a very long period. Good tolerance to cooler weather lasting well into the autumn. Fruits mature from deep purple through cream and orange and mature red, giving this plant a unique 'Basket of Fire' look, ideal for hanging baskets or containers. Fruit can be used dried or fresh. heat rating 80000shu days to maturity 90-95days spread 60cm height 30cm
WHICH Magazine Ornamental Patio Chilli trial Best Buy for Looks and taste

1.99 Av 10 chilli seeds




Sweet Pepper Pompeii
Sweet Pepper Pompeii, a naturally dwarf pepper that produces bell shaped fruits weighing up to 80g and just right for growing on the patio. The fruits ripen from green and progress through light green to Orange. Pompeii peppers crop abundantly throughout the season.  Established plants have an average height of approx 45cm and spread of 30cm Pepper Pompeii is ideal for hanging baskets, pots and patio containers as the naturally dwarf semi trailing plants provide an attractive display. They are also suited to well lit conservatories and windowsills.

1.60 Av 10 seeds





Tomato Sunstripe




A vigorous cascading variety, Tomato Sunstripe produces high yields of red oval shaped fruits with gold stripes. Ideal for hanging baskets or containers. Great taste and flavour with a good balance of sweetness and acidity (brix reading of 6.5 to 7) av fruit weight 30-40g

 1.95 Av 10 seeds




Tomato Losetto seeds

Tomato Losetto
A new cascading bush tomato with built in blight resistance. Plant produces a mass of sweet juicy cherry sized red fruits over a long period, prolific with fruits that ripen fast. Losetto is perfect for hanging baskets and containers, best grown in the greenhouse or in a sunny spot on the patio or in the garden. Favourite of Gardeners World. Determinate bush variety, do not remove side shoots.

2.95 Av 8 seeds





Tomato Red Profusion


Tomato Red Profusion
A Hybrid trailing tomato with an attractive mounding habit suitable for a large hanging basket or container. Produces an abundance of scarlet 1 inch fruit all over the plant. Red Profusion will grow vigorously to fill a large container with 360 branching.

1.25 Av 10 seeds




Tomato Rambling Red Stripe




Tomato Tumbling Jester 
lycopersicon  esculentum
A trailing variety ideal for large hanging baskets or large containers. Excellent vigour. Plants produce cherry sized red or gold fruits with dark stripes with a good flavour balance of acidity and sweetness. Determinate

1.55  Av 10 seeds




Tumbling Junior Yellow
Small compact version having overall spread of 50% less than its big brother Tumbling Tom Yellow - Junior is ideal for smaller containers and hanging baskets producing masses of small yellow cherry sized fruits

1.55  Av 10 seeds



Tomato Tumbler

Tomato Tumbler
Av 10 Seeds
A completely determinate bush tomato, of a small fruited type which crops abundantly giving up to 2kg of fruit per plant. The flavour of the fruit is exceptional, and the fruit quality is good with fruits of 3cm diameter being produced throughout the season. Tumbler is ideal for use in hanging baskets, containers and Flower Bags as the side shoots trail naturally over the edge of the basket, after the fruits have formed. Determinate (Bush)
These are genuine seeds of Tomato Tumbler NOT a substitute, the seed has not been discontinued by the breeder.

2.45 Av 10 seeds



Tomato Tumbling Tiger


Tumbling Tigress
Lycopersicon esculentum.
A compact trailing variety Tumbling Tigress produces both red and green stiped fruit. Produces plum shaped tomatoes, days to maturity 55 days spread 1m height 15cm.
The plant habit is very strong and neat making it ideal for planting in hanging baskets and containers. The unusual striped fruits are well protected by the foliage.

1.45 Av 10 seeds


Tomato Seeds Tumbling Tom Red


Tomato Tumbling Tom Red
Cascading highly productive tomato variety for hanging baskets and containers. Sweetly flavoured attractive cherry fruits. Outdoor Variety Determinate (Bush)
Featured in the RHS magazines mini plum and cherry tomato taste trials.

1.70 Av 15 seeds




Tumbling Tom Yellow


Tomato Tumbling Tom Yellow
Cascading the same as Tumbling Tom Red but having Yellow Fruits ideal for hanging baskets and containers. Outdoor Variety Determinate (Bush)

1.70 Av 15 seeds







Tomato Yellow Pigmy
Tomato yellow pigmy a pendula type ideal for hanging baskets and containers, cherry sized golden yellow fruits. Cordon

 0.95 Av 20 seeds


Hanging Basket trailing Tomato patio pot tomato garden pearl seeds




Garden Pearl

Specially Bred for hanging baskets and containers. A perfect patio plant variety. Garden Pearl is a completely determinate bush tomato with cherry type fruits. This exceptional high yielding variety has a self branching compact habit; the heavily laden side shoots will literally cascade over the edge of the containers and baskets providing an abundance of fruit throughout summer. 

 0.85 Av 20 seeds



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