Antirrhinum (Snapdragon) Cultural Information





Antirrhinum Seed germination and cultural information

Plant type: Perennial but treated as half hardy annual

Use: Bedding plant, patio containers, packs and pots

Plant Height: 20 – 60 cm

Sowing: November – May. Mid January for bedding sales

15-20 ºC. Do not cover with Vermiculite

Germination in 2-3 weeks. Light needed for germination

Approximate crop timing (mid season) :-

Sowing to transplanting 4 - 5 weeks  

Sowing to flowering 14 – 15 weeks         

Seedling to flowering 10 – 11 weeks


Growing on:

Temperature 16-18 ºC day initially 15 ºC night dropping to 10 0C minimum night after establishment pH 5.8 - 6.5

Feeding Balanced fertiliser at 200 ppm Nitrogen as needed. Plants are sensitive to high EC concentration levels.

Growth regulation Only if necessary.

Pack/Pot size Transplant into P60’s if necessary then onto P24’s.

Pot size 9 – 10 cm or three plants to a larger pot.

Planting out spacing 15 – 20 cm

Advice A pre sowing fungicide drench would be recommended prior to sowing. Compost should be allowed to dry between watering without excessive plant wilting.

Water early in the day, plants should not be left wet overnight - distorted growth can result. Strict hygiene is important thoughout the crop. Supplementary lighting is useful for early sowings.

Common diseases Pythium - rotting roots and chlorotic plants at any stage

Rhizoctonia - basal stem rot, red/brown in colour generally at seedling stage

Botrytis - Grey mould attacks damaged plants in high humidity poor ventilated


Other diseases to look out for are Downy mildew and rust

Any chemicals referred to should be used only in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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